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  1. Rmax2

    General impression of WC3 by a popular french youtuber

    I was happy to see it, it s lot of views for the young generation He 's not making a review, it 's more about memories and feeling
  2. Rmax2

    Listen to Wing Commander in Concert! (August 17, 2014)

    It gave me chills , thanks for the record
  3. Rmax2

    Old login to robertsspaceindustries? How to donate?

    Same thing today, I'll wait a little more. I m for the 24€ option; that s not much in fact : if we had to pay for every hour spent on a Roberts game in the past , it would be thousands of euro ! But this also means that there is still a lot of money to get for RSI ! I hope they will not just...
  4. Rmax2

    The Darkest Dawn is Cleared for Launch

    I just finished it. That was awesome ! i feel like after 170 km on bicycle..
  5. Rmax2

    The lack of strategy in Wing Commander

    Thanks ! so many years after prophecy i finally understand how work the map :p I should have read the manual more carefully...
  6. Rmax2

    The lack of strategy in Wing Commander

    Hello, Is there a way to target more easily the bombers or the target to defend ? In the mission with civilians (22 or 23), there are so many ships that i can't see where are the broadswords, or i waste time to find them. When i use ctrl-N, i can see them, but i dont know where i am in the 3-d...
  7. Rmax2

    Trailer Released!

    ooh yesssss :)
  8. Rmax2

    New Wing Commander Game?

    (Sorry for bad english) If its free to dream : I hope a game wich learn me more about kilrathis. There is a lot to say about them. I d like to fly again on Kilrah, over a big city, like in the wc3 opening. That would be a prequel : secret ops with Angel ? I also like to start a game...
  9. Rmax2

    Problems? Post them here...

    Same for me. even with trying different setting or restart the game between missions. But it s ok, i need to train again and again before playing it on more difficult level !
  10. Rmax2

    Website Update, August 7th

    Arf.. and i m stuck in the mining mission again in my replay, i need to hurry !
  11. Rmax2

    Episode 5 release date announcement

    Prêt à décoller !
  12. Rmax2

    Website update, April 3rd

    i m back to the training
  13. Rmax2

    Wing Commander Replay Week 2

    I was on losing path on last one and i m still flying on scimitar for next mission. Systeme Port Hedland *Mission 9 escort* Nav 1 4 Jalthis (I died 2 times at this point) "attack my target". I set speed to +/- 220. My wingman is now Knight. We have a good teamplay. We destroy the...
  14. Rmax2

    Wing Commander Replay Week 1

    I use a Wc1 mouse version with large view out of cockpit (f1), I dont speak english usually, there is probably a lot of grammar error. Système Enyo why is there a tv in the bar but doesnt work ? Maybe they given up the idea of news like in wc3. *Mission 1* Nav1 : 3 dralthis...
  15. Rmax2

    Let's replay a community!

    yes, it s about time, january 10. And show me the way you want to make the replay now
  16. Rmax2

    Let's replay a community!

    Système Enyo, Mission 1 First mission in Hornet with Spirit. I took 5 Kilrathis, Spirit 0. My orders was "attack my target. I dont avoid asteroids, i shoot them Système Enyo, Mission 2, escort convoy I took 4, Spirit 1. Convoy didnt take a hit and jump safety. Orders was "Break...
  17. Rmax2

    LEGO Commander

    that's a lot of work ! well done
  18. Rmax2

    Let's replay a community!

    I will replay them too; i'm ready when you are. I'll be one of the frenchy wingmen
  19. Rmax2

    Which WC games had the best visual style?

    -Wc1 and 2 for the cartoon style -Prophecy for the midway and the confed ships with lot of curves. (Except Wasp who look like my trashbox) -I love strange cinematic and artworks in privateer 2; look like they took everything they found around for build the backgrounds. But in-space mission was...