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    Vendetta Online

    That looks pretty cool!
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    Tarsus / Eagle 5

    I am a bit of a Spaceballs fan (in case you couldn't tell), so when I saw it was on tonight, of course I had to watch it. Anyway, I couldn't help noticing the general outline as well as the cockpit of the Eagle Five, nav screen included, looks an awful lot like the Tarsus. Coincidence?
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    Edit save game files?

    So... no?
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    Edit save game files?

    Hey I just installed Privateer Gemini Gold the other day (awesome btw), and I seem to remember that with the original game, you could open the save game file in a Hex editor, and give yourself money by changing the values. I have 30,438 in cash, converted that to hex 76 E6, and inverted it...
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    Where do I "Quit" from??

    When in space, hit Esc, then Q.