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    When and How you heard or saw something about WC for the first time?

    I think it was back in '92 or something... A friend of mine gave me a couple of games, included WC1 and WCA. I played WC1 by guessing numbers, and played a lot WCA. Then, when KS came out, (what year?) I bought it, and played it on my dad's 486DX. Slow, but it worked. We got a cat...
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    Wing Commander 3.1416: The Heartburn of the Tiger

    Heh, I can't wait until it comes out. Does anyone know if the guy that made the WC4.343453whatever wrote any more fanfics with that cool Police Academy Style humor? TIA Zim
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    Kilrathi fighter that you'd like to fly most?

    "r0xx0rs j00"? W00t! L04F is 4n 3|337 H4X0R! :D Keep it up, Zim
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    Which Confed Uniform do you like?

    <chant> Black Lance Uniforms! Black Lance Uniforms! </chant> ZiM
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    WC Reminders

    Heh, I saw the [very bad] movie 'Behind Enemy Lines', and I was figuring out where I knew one of the actors from, and suddenly I remembered: it was Hawk from WC4/WCP! YAY! Zim
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    LOAF, do you buy EVERYTHING?

    I'll go see if I've got the dutch version of any wc game :)
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    Hell fuckin' yeah!

    I sure hope it will be shown in The Netherlands too.... Zim
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    Join The Marines

    Long time no see. Just check the post this topic starts with, and see it evolve in to the strangest discussions... Keep it up, Zim
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    Do you think it was correct that Confed destroyed Kilrah?

    Then why didn't they find a new emperor when Kilrah was destroyed? I mean, the Kilrathi had plenty of planet left at that time, not? Regards, Zim
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    A hypothetical situation:

    And with the Star Gods you mean the Nephilim?
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    A hypothetical situation:

    Let say that Mankind had never been there, and the Kilrathi were (probably) happily occupying the complete Prophecy Map(tm). If they had encountered the Nephilim then, in full strength, who would have won the resulting war? I was just wondering about that. Regards Zim
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    Do you think it was correct that Confed destroyed Kilrah?

    From what I remember of the Wc3 game: "Every Kilrathi lives and dies for the Emperor." So why not just assassinate (I think I spelled this word wrong :)) the Emperor (and maybe Thrakath and Zukara too since they were relatives and also evil)? Seems like a less cruel solution to me...
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    Toughest WC game?

    Hi, and welcome to the board. I don't think this should be made into a poll... people could just speak their opinions for this post without voting :) For me it was WC1, since I never finished it :) But WCP is hard too... Regards, Zim
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    VDU to you, too

    " [Message] 69" ??? What's that? Oh, and I played WCP for the first time with a Voodoo2 card, and when I played it on my new pc with a D3D card, the fire-cross-see-where-you-fire thingy is like- a box, so are some other things including the lense flare. Why? Zim
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    What would YOU buy?

    Heh, I'd buy the Sol System :D Zim
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    Wing Commander and GURPS

    Nice to bring up this thread. I have been GMing a WC RPG using the WEG SW-RPG rules, and my players WUV it! I have designed a WC RPG for Gurps 3rd Edition --> (Note: IMHO, Gurps ADND sucks compared to WotC ADND. Don't make rules for a game if there are already perfect rules for it)...
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    The holidays must be here

    In summer, we don't have any sun. In winter, we don't have any snow. (nor ice) In fall, we got rain....and rain.... and rain...... _sigh_.... In spring.... we got rain..... rain..... rain...... Need to say more? Come to Dutchieland! :) C|N >K Zim
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    WC3 Movie list

    Awesome! Now I hope we will once be able to rip the movies out into AVI format with sound!
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    Why CIC and Blacklance ROCK

    I know, sometimes I'm just too fanatic and blind to other people's visions. I need to work on that :)
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    Why CIC and Blacklance ROCK

    Everyone do what they wish, I'll cease talking about it. Zim