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    Happy New Year!

    hehe...I think we might actually be the smallest store in the company. I don't see how one could possibly get smaller. It's actually kind of nice though, because everything is literally on top of you. It's so easy to do just about anything....except for get more stuff, which we have *NO* room for.
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    Homeland Security

    I think Homeland Security is the most logical thing we've ever done. From what I understand, it's simply making an area where all the information the government already had or can get with the established laws to all flow into the same location, so it's easier for the other governmental...
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    Star Trek: Nemesis' lackluster box office :(

    Except for the fact that Enter-(good?) is the best thing to happen to Trek in a LONG time. It's already become my second favorite Trek series, behind TNG. DS9 after that, and then the lowly Voyager. I don't count TOS in, because it's on a completely different level. It's only the best TV show...
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    Happy New Year!

    Hey Chris, is that your store in the picture in the update? It's amazing because the area of the picture is about the size of the ENTIRE store I work at. I mean, you actually empty spaces in the cabinet! We've had to find other places to store ours. Err...HAPPY (belayed) NEW YEAR...
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    Star Trek: Nemesis' lackluster box office :(

    See, I think completely opposite from you. I thought the last three seasons of DS9 were the worst Trek ever. I actually stopped watching DS9 during the Dominion War. I want Trek to go back to being original, and *NOT* about the same damned dark universe with lots of wars and CGI fragfesting that...
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    The Two Towers (SPOILERS)

    Longer?!?!? Good lord! I thought the movie was great and all, but all I could think of after the 2 hour mark was "END!!!". The movie could have cut around 20 minutes of the pointless crap. Personally, I think the whole part in the Bog of Death or whatever it was called could have been taken out.
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    Great Quotes

    the best little line in WC is from WC4... Maniac - "...been awhile since you've held a flight stick, or did you have a sand princess to do that for you...hehehe, you don't have to answer that." Blair - "Maniac!" Maniac - "I know, I know...but you gotta admit you missed my sparkling repartie...
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    Favorite all time movie

    I can't wait!
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    Do you remember?

    I never purchased WC1....I got it on the PC Gamer disc..... My first WC was #3.
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    Worst movie, ever.

    I liked Ernest movies :( When I heard the guy who played him died, I did alittle Ernest movie marathon in memorium. The best ones are a toss up between Ernest Scared Stupid, Ernest Goes to Jail, and Ernest Goes to Africa. If you wanna talk really bad movies; "The Leprochaun in the...
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    PNR Films (Real group or practical joke?)

    Yeah, like how OJ got away with murder! Actually, not wanting to hijack the thread here, related to what I said there was something hilarious on the Terminator Special Edition the little book thingy, there's a quote from 1984 where James Cameron says "I originally wanted OJ Simpson...
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    Who hates cats? Do cats exist here?

    I'm really not a big fan of cats.....unlike something like say, a dog, a cat might acknowledge your existance if it wants something....maybe....if it's in a good mood..... Otherwise, cats are the Anna Nicole Smith of animals......ugly, dumb, selfish and irritating.
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    The Pilgrims aren't all bad

    I'm hurt. Frosty called me stupid. My life is over :rolleyes:
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    1 Thing WC: Movie got right at least?

    Yeah....isn't it great?! I'm even lamer because i've said it before....I say it just about every thread here involving the movie.... Arlight, alright.....I was thinking the whole time that McDaniel would say "Chris, I am your father" (or maybe Paladin)....
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    Has your interest in WC diminished over the years?

    I go up and down. I've read the books, played the games, watched the movies and WCATV....there's no a whole lot more to do. I enjoy playing the games whenever I get some spare time, and I recently reread the WC4 novel. During the summer I had been on a WC high, feverishly playing the games and...
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    1 Thing WC: Movie got right at least?

    With me it's not even so much that I don't *like* the's just, annoying. I felt the Pilgrim thing was totally unneccesary and made it feel quite un-Wing Commander. The related materials to the movie, namely Pilgrim Stars, just makes it worse. The mathematical powers of Pilgrims turns...
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    The Pilgrims aren't all bad

    They might fit just fine....that doesn't make them any less stupid.
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    1 Thing WC: Movie got right at least?

    And in the end, just made it even worse. Now Wing Commander had people with mystical powers who were pretty much shut down by the current government....that sounds just slightly like another popular sci-fi universe I know of.....
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    favourite kilrathi design

    Generally, I like the WC3 designs the most. BUT, the original Dralthi is my favorite Kilrathi ship
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    Who was Sumner?

    From WCATV, one of the last episodes. The guy that orders Tolywn to fight the Kilrathi fleet without reinforcements. He seemed to have a really important looking uniform. Was he a Space Marshall or something?