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    What happened to Gorah Kar???

    After over 30 years of war an offer of peace looks quite tempting especially after an enemy comes to you when it is your side that is winning the war at that present time
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    The Word Game

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    WC 2 Delux Edition

    thanks a ton hopefully i can get it to work
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    The Word Game

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    The Word Game

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    WC 2 Delux Edition

    A buddy of mine found his old compy of this game and I run windows xp. If I try to install the game nothing happens. I can get to the character naming screen just off the cd but then it crashes. Anyone have any insight here?
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    PiArmada .05RC now available for download

    just tried it out goodm work I can get a good flying fix here
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    You Might Be A Wingnut!

    in the meantime waking up to the alarm tone of the Victory's scramble alarm will have to console you
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    The Word Game

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    Confederation Dreadnought blueprints

    Nope military likes uniformity in things the only difference would be its numerics in most likely situation
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    WC Comic Update

    I may have missed it but is there an ETA on the release date of issue number 1?
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    Confederation Dreadnought blueprints

    The Concordia is the only one that has been seen but there were others
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    Prophecy I have Questions, but cannot find answers.

    If you decide to stick with WCP I would suggest studying the time line so that when something older is brought up you wont be scratching your head going "huh?" Its far more enjoyable when you know whats being referred to. Especially some of the jokes and familiaraity with the older characters
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    The Rank structure on this forum is incorrect

    Looking good so far Loaf I like the addition of the navy rankings
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    Ship Names, Political Ramifications

    They gotta name one kind of ship weird names afterall why not the ships that they go through like its nothing?
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    Wing Commander Movie

    The movie had good points for some areas they had good actors they were just all in support roles. We the WC fans were not exactly the target audience
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    What's Your Favorite Video Game?

    WC hands down
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    The Word Game

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    WC Movie Finally at

    The issue would have been could they have rescued Rosie with the chances of her being alive in a timely manner. the chances of her being alive after a burn like that wasnt very good and time was of the essence
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    A question if you would

    You gotta admit those helmets wouldnt do much for you in the vacum though