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    Star Hammer the Vanguard

    This actually appears (Though you would NOT know it from any of the marketing copy) to be a sequel to the 1994 game "Star Hammer", which played like a top down Wing Commander. Paul Turbett helmed both games, Vanguard Prophecy was known as Star Hammer 2...
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    WC1 + 2 GOG, Couple Questions

    I do not have the GoG release myself, but if I had to guess, you'd want to look in the two listed config files (What comes after the '-conf' options in your dosbox shortcut) One, if not both of them will have an [autoexec] section near the end, which is where the commands that run the games...
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    GOG Wing Commander 2 Special Ops Help Needed

    When I discovered the loadfix ... fix... I experimented with it a lot with Wing Commander II. You can actually simply loadfix away one kilobyte (loadfix -1) and Wing Commander II will be as stable as if you had allocated away more. The requirement here is that WC2 must not see 640k of free low...
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    Wing Commander Secret Missions 1 patch sought

    The Utility is called 'WCSAV.exe', if memory serves. Just drop it in your Gamedat/ directory, and run it from a DOS prompt. I believe you can still use the built in transfer program, just run WCSAV on your SAVEGAME.WLD afterward, and it should automatically fix the series overrun.
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    A Bad Fur Day (December 30, 2012)

    I know in the original Wing Commander, it was stated that most, if not all Kilrathi fighters did not have ejection seats. I also believe that in The Secret Missions II, the Dralthi Mk. IIs you end up flying are not equipped with them, though the crews tried to retrofit them in.
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    How to enable cheats in dos box

    As I recall, the CD version of the game, if you're playing using its installer, will be run through some batch files (.bat) that do not handle the necessary command line arguments. You can either edit the batch file and add in the debug arguments to where it actually calls wc.exe, or you can...
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    WINE Improvements Clear Wingnut Pilots for Launch (December 9, 2012)

    I am more than happy to test it with Wine for you folks. (Heck pretty ecstatic to see it working at all.)
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    WINE Improvements Clear Wingnut Pilots for Launch (December 9, 2012)

    The short answer is that the translation layer from DX to OpenGL is good, but not always 100% perfect, and usually comes at a small price in terms of performance. I believe DX9 is the most compatible version of DirectX in Wine at the moment, as it's one of the more widely used versions. I...
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    WINE Improvements Clear Wingnut Pilots for Launch (December 9, 2012)

    I fully intend to play Star Citizen under Linux myself, personally. Hoping that they release a native version. If not, I'll be trying to get it going under Wine. It looks as though wcnut was correct, and I've been mistaken, thrown off by the slow movement of ships in in-engine cutscenes...
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    WINE Improvements Clear Wingnut Pilots for Launch (December 9, 2012)

    I am fairly certain that I do have bloom enabled. However, this graphical issue affects all four instances, including Standoff. (It's slightly eerie to see stars shining through the Lionheart during Bradford's log recording at the beginning of the prologue) Are you saying that I should be seeing...
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    WINE Improvements Clear Wingnut Pilots for Launch (December 9, 2012)

    Since this has hit the front page, I suppose I should finally get around to reporting the status of the Vision Engine games, and Wing Commander Saga. These work just as well now as they did back in 2005 when I was originally talking about it, although I've noticed an interesting graphical...
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    WC and Linux under Wine

    First off, I apologize for some serious thread necromancy happening here, however, it's relevant to the topic that was being discussed. Five years on, and I can now quite happily confirm that Wing Commander III from Kilrathi Saga, and Wing Commander IV for Windows 95 now work quite well under...
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    Elite: Dangerous

    Something I'm personally finding telling about all of this, and the idea of this KS project trying to do nothing but feed on nostalgia for the original Elite: there is precisely zero mention of the one game in the series that did not have the Elite name in it, Frontier: First Encounters (AKA...
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    Some thoughts on the mod...

    I recall some time ago (I'll have to reinstall UE and try this again some time) that I copied the OpenGL renderer DLL from Standoff or Prophecy over the software renderer DLL, and set the UE launcher to use Software, and it worked in OpenGL just fine. Full resolutions, just without the...
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    Kilrathi saga owners: beta testers needed

    So, I haven't actually played around with this in WC1/2 yet, but when running WC3 under WINE (yes, even with the horribly screwed up sound one gets during the movies) I've noticed something a little odd. I tried the -NO_INTERLACE flag to wc3w.exe, and using ddhack, that resulted in a black...
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    Time for another Wallpaper

    They are indeed quite beautiful. But, I am curious... Why the lower-case I in 'Wing'. Your WC1 backgrounds had that piece of the logo correct, but this one, it's off. In the game logo, it's supposed to be capital, like all the other letters. Yes, I know that the more freely available...
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    Joystick Controls for WC1 and WC2

    With Wing Commander I and II, you can 'double tap' the missiles button on the joystick to engage afterburners, on the second press, hold the button to keep the afterburners engaged, release to stop. I personally find this clunky, and prone to error, and in those games, attempt to only use the...
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    Privateer/no midi

    Some wavetable daughter cards were set to 0x388. Try there?
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    Gimle 1 help

    Kilrathi Saga, the Ralari Rescue mission wasn't changed at all. I played through that mission just yesterday, and have a spot saved in my WLD for it... So I could just as easily toss it into my DOS Wing Commander and compare... But I've played that mission a lot... Some times, one, even two of...
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    Next Episode

    I have to say that I played through Standoff (up through ep 4) about seven or eight months ago, and I loved it. It works brilliantly on my operating system of choice (Linux) and inspired me to find a hack to get your Unknown Enemy to work as well. Very well put together, and very high quality...