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    Retro Wc1 Ships made NEW!

    But in my oppinion it looks better than the original.
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    Favorite Confed Cruiser (Kilrathi-War Era)...

    My favorite is the Tallahasse ... don`t ask me why ... Maybe becouse WC 3 was my first WC and I liked it by far most.
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    Fav Wing Commander I Fighter?

    Yeah but those were the only ones equiped with a cloak if im right.
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    Fav Wing Commander I Fighter?

    Ok - All than: WC 1+2 - Rapier WC 3 Excalibur - Becouse its fast, has 4!!!! Tachyon guns and 12!!!! Missiles which gives it an unparalleled Offensive Punch (Even the Thunderbolt isnt armed that heavily excpet of the torp). WC 4 Dragon - Its cloaking realy comes in yousefull from time to time...
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    Fav Wing Commander I Fighter?

    Definitively the Rapier! Fast, strong shields and good guns. Just what you need to knock out your enemies. I like it better than the Raptor becouse the Raptor might have had a better hull - but hull isn`t rechargable and its not manuverable enough to hunt down fast fighters.
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    We are your superiors

    Hell we all kicked Seethers butt - so theres no doubt!
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    WCM on BBC 2

    Haaaa! In Germany it was shown 2 weeks ago on TV =]]]]
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    Who thinks Stiletto is hot?

    I bet you just said that to keep your Girlfriend *g*
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    Hakaga/Vesuvius/Midway Comparisons

    Guys it`s pretty easy: If you know acceleration you can calculate the top speed!.
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    Heatseekers or ImRecs?

    Of course the IR! You can kill those nasty fighters which are too fast for the guns with a single hit. The HS is better against heavy fighters (as someone said before) but those fighters you can also knock out with the guns by ease! By the way: I don`t like the FoF. Their only advantage is...
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    How many fighters does the Vesuvius class carry?

    They call it supercarrier coz it can handle a hole fleet by itself. Not only becouse of the fighters it carries but also becouse of it`s waepons complement. That`s what I gues. By the way: I`m new and I`m looking forward to have a nice time here.