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    Time to Claim Party Prizes (August 13, 2012)

    Is it too late to swap my octopus?
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    Sure, here you go.
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    Here's my latest take on the flag. The combined forces logo has a sort of circular arrangement of the stars so I tried something similar also in line with the 13 star US flag. I recreated the sword from the combined forces logo (was it gold? I could only find a black and white copy of the...
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    Perhaps you're right... Also experimented with different positioning for the stars in the second picture but I don't think it works.
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    How's this for a less stylised approach?
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    Here's draft one of the Landreich flag. Any comments or suggestions welcome. I tried to make the roundel but it looked like... well a blue circle with a red cross through it.. I'll post it when I make it look less like a traffic sign.
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    I'll have a stab at it. I love doing logo graphics. Do we have any more information on it? How many member planets in the Landreich? Is the St. Andrews cross is inside a blue circle or not? My copy of fleet action has gone AWOL unfortunately so I can't find the description of the flag.
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    What a disgrace!

    I can't believe there's so many people on this forum who aren't totally excited at the prospect of teaming up with real people and launching an organised assault on an enemy capship! Isn't this exactly what we've always dreamed of? I think certain members here need to see past their...
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    What would you like to see in a non-standard Wing Commander game?

    I've always wanted to see a real time strategy game where you could control a Confed fleet. Something similar to Nexus.
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    Kilrathi Saga on an XP machine?

    I haven't had much luck running KS on XP. The colour inverts randomly on WC2 and occasionally crashes. WC3 crashes on some movies. I set up a virtual machine with VMWare Server (which is free) and it plays the games flawlessly without slowdown, even WC3 plays perfectly. The only problem is I...
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    WC: Arena - A New Golden Age For Fans

    You can count me in the "buying a 360 just for this game" crowd too.
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    I would like to be the first person to express my grave reservations about

    Steltek, we all want a new story driven WC game but we've been waiting nearly 10 years for a new game and now finally one has been announced! I have my own mixed feelings about how different this game will be to those that came before but from what I can see it's likely to be financially...
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    WCIV Model Archive Resurrected (June 26, 2004)

    I believe I released a WC3 model pack as well but I don't have it anymore.
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    Last call for WCA DVD sets

    How much is it for the $15 version and postage to the UK?
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    Wing Commander FPS Mod?

    Unreal has the benefit of an extremely well documented map editor that comes with the game. It's pretty simple to use too, I've just tinkered with it but it's easy as hell..
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    TCS Alcatraz

    HyperSnap DX might do the trick...
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    Strike Carrier Concept

    They also decelerate the ship, through drag I believe.
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    Tractoring in Privateer 1

    I always figured any ships you attack send out a distress call so their faction knows what happened.
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    KS question from a new guy

    Actually it does mention downloadable missions on the box.. My box is in Dubai but I'm reasonably sure.
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    Wing Commander Invitations!

    Who needs Photoshop?