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    Tallahassees Take On Planetary Patrol (June 9, 2014)

    Throw a radar dish on it and it looks like a corellian corvette, at least from this perspective
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    Some models...

    Question about the saratoga, what are those 2 ports for on the bottom of the carrier for? Secondary launch tubes? For ship recovery? Torp launcher? Air Con intake?
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    I beat one of Maniacs records...

    Congrats and may you celebrate 22 days more and so on and so forth.
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    3D Printed Starfighters

    Cap ships to fly the fighters off of!
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    New 3D Thread

    AH yes the avro Arrow... a sad sad day in history of the Canadian military. When I read that piece on the morningstar I had the the break up of the arrow in my mind. The arrow was really advanced for its time. Internal weapon racks, quick reload racks for missles, early fly by wire.
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    3D Printed Starfighters

    I have bought many of the models from shapeways but this colour thing is amazing! I can't wait to add it to my collection of other models now piling around my desk. I will soon have an entire task force on my desk ready to do battle! Plans into the far future for a cap ship perhaps? Thanks...
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    GameSpot Interviews Chris Roberts (October 1, 2012)

    The background music evokes the best of BSG. It runs a chill down my spine with anticipation
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    Oh noes! Yous guys are been spam-a-lot'd!

    Maybe they regurgitate food for the young?
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    Oh noes! Yous guys are been spam-a-lot'd!

    And with your order of Cialis, we will throw in this tube of hair growth which will make even the hairest of kilrathi growl in jealousy and approval when you are sporting a full mane. Increase your package and decrease your heating bills with this stretch and grow promo! Act now!
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    Mass Effect 3

    Just started the play thru and I can see a landmark from my hometown! Nice touch.
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    LOAF Fixes an Amiga (or: ¡Hola Amigas!)

    Oh Tandy tandy, tandy.... That name takes me back. My first computer was a tandy. A little off topic but hours of kings quest,Space quest and police quest back in the day... hmmm also some Lesuire suit Larry I think?
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    Space Above And Beyond 3CD Soundtrack Set

    Ah memories... This show came out at the wrong time. Great while it lasted
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    Claws Bloodied and Victorious (October 2, 2011)

    I have to agree with the gothri. Decently fast and nimble for a heavy fighter with a good beam array it was the scariest pack o' fighters that I could rub plastisteel and trade missiles with. The rear guns didn't make it any more cuddly. Torpedo capacity, the ability to jump makes this one...
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    Rapier Redux

    Looking forward to buying the rapier but I am most intrigued by your scimitar redesign. Any news?
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    So, what else is GOOD on GOG?

    I really enjoyed the years that I spent of Baldurs gate 2. When I saw it on gog, i had to have it as my skills in the computer dept are lacking thus the game no longer worked for me for years..... ahh hours of memories..
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    More Jets Get Metallic WC Treatment (April 10, 2011)
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    More Jets Get Metallic WC Treatment (April 10, 2011)

    The b17 bomber is an easy one. For others i am unsure.. yf-23 black widow?
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    Rapier Redux

    The raptor also kind of reminds me of a mig-25 foxbat with those massive intakes
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    Some models...

    Love the excalibur, thud/longbow and gilgamesh. Really love the Thud/longbow. Can't wait to see what else you have in store.
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    Astroids count on kill total?

    Just started a new game with reset of all kill totals and all. When I went to check what my relatonship was with other factions, I noticed the kill numbers did not jive together. Kilrathi 10 Retros 5 Pirates 16 Militia 1 Total kills = 51??? Difference of 19? Seems like doing roids as...