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    Blair, Maverick?

    Mostly the reason that alot of the movie did not look and feel like the game was pretty much due to the copyrights owned by EA. He could not include alot of the copyrighted material. Tiger Claw instead of Tigers Claw, the rapiers didnt even come into play until later in the war, not the...
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    Play Privateer 1 +2 under Windows :)

    I have every one of the WC games, from Armada, Academy, Priv 1 & 2, Kilrathi Saga, III and IV and both Propehcy's. I have not tried to play any on my newly built system with XP service pack 2. Do any of the games work w/o much moderation on the XP platform?
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    Back from the dead

    Hey all, I used to be an old WC junkie way back in the day. I used to be an admin on the WC Nexxus and was ranked near the top on the ole WC trivia that Bandit and the big man CR ran. Just wanted to stop in and say hi. We need another WC game! Old callsign: Knightwolf