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    Thoughts (spoilers)

    Well, after having played WC Academy again the day before yesterday, I'd say it's the shields that feel thinner, or, to be exact, they seem to recharge slower. Of course this results in it losing more armor, making the armor feel thinner, too. I might be wrong on this, it was just my impression...
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    Academy Gauntlet

    I'd worry more about the 8 Wraith - one missile hit and your shields are gone, the Reapers'll do the rest... Though, on the other hand, should you ever make it through that, you'd certainly not be in a good shape to take on those Jratheks ;) . And don't forget that there also are 7 Morningstars...
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    Birthday Bash Armada Style!

    Sorry, couldn't appear there... :( The starting time was about midnight for me and I had to get up early the next morning. However, the Javachat worked when I tested it :) . This leaves me with but one problem (that I had forgotten when posting in the earlier thread) - every time I...
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    ...which mostly was so because it was put into action unfinished, remember? I don't remember that "Project Omega" though (having read all WingCom books); but the black ops "battlewagon" that was mentioned being developed in one of the books ( Fleet Action ? ) made me think of the Dragon... :D
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    Armada Proving Grounds game Aug 2 at 7pm EDT (GMT -4hr)

    I'd be interested in this, but don't have any experience using IRC, ICQ or the like... so how do I best get started there? (DOSBox Armada is already working for me since a year or so, thank you; especially helpful was that joystick patch) [edit: WCPMP however didn't work for me back then- I...
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    WC2 Speech Pack

    Huh?? I can't remember WC2 ever having German subtitles - but then, my brother originally got it, not me, and I don't know where he bought it. Anyway, I have some trouble with "my" (my brother doesn't want it anymore) speechpak - it seems I accidentially deleted some file on the first floppy...
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    Thoughts (spoilers)

    Well, gun speed is the one issue I really have with Standoff - as far as I recall, ALL those guns were slow in WC 1 & 2 , but it wasn't a problem there, because the ships were less maneuverable, too. Now in Standoff, we have all fighters more maneuvrable sorts of, while on the other hand SOME...
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    New computer/video card, new problems

    Uh? :confused: Does that mean I need to install the highres patch for WCPMP to work? That would at least explain why it crashes for me...
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    Excellent suggestions for Standoff team

    Pretty right - and modding wasn't as popular/widespread/known/supported (sorry, not sure which word fits best here) back then... Maybe If they'd program it nowadays they'd add some free ressources for modders (after all, many games have level editors and such included by now). rofl :D - now...
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    WCP Multiplayer

    Hm, do I need to add a commandline parameter? Or does it just crash because my PC doesn't like it? :confused:
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    NEWS: The Man Behind the Machine

    Yeah, saw that one in the news section here - looks like it's using the same engine (or at least graphics) like Armada. Now, THIS would be a nice thing to find in something like EA Replay ;) . Oh, and yes - WCS really looks good so far. I'll certainly like to see the finished version - which...
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    If they made a new Wing Commander game

    That, and AB-slides. For the story - I'd like to see the Nephilim storyline evolved further. Nearly no matter from what point of view - Confed, Kilrathi, Privateer or even the Nephilim themselves ;) . Which reminds me - I need to FINALLY install UE... (already downloaded it 2 times...
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    Does anyone else find the old ones unplayable...because they can't bare the graphics?

    Oh, I wouldn't even need "XP-box" or whatever, because I'm still running Win98 :D . And I already used the Win-version of MO2. My reasons for using DOSBox simply are 1.) I already got it installed for WC Armada, so why not? (except for performance, of course) 2.) and most important - I...
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    A Thought

    Should be pretty much possible as a mod for Freespace2 - though the flight physics is a bit different there... And the current FS-WC-mod (Wing Commander Saga - they have forums here, too) focuses more on telling a story. Oh - and the FS mission editor isn't bad, too. I'm currently more or less...
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    Excellent suggestions for Standoff team

    Hm... I'm pretty sure I saw Hobbes with a Crossbow having the normal 3 Mass Drivers and 2 Particles instead of the 2 Neutrons (usually got killed by it if I accidentally "traitored"). (never saw a 2N+2P variant, though) I thought of it as a left-over from early design stages - the Crossbow is...
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    Excellent suggestions for Standoff team

    Oh? Thanks :) . Yes, that's one of the things I wouldn't measure in-game: Which is why I explicitly tested it at nearly 0 relative velocity, following the Dorkathi as it flew away from me. And you aren't saying the Particle Cannon's difference (5000 in my measurement, 3000 in yours) is from the...
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    Sure they're easy to shoot down... but if there are several of them, another one might at the same time "feed" you with one of it's DFs - which isn't very tasty... Though I recently got the impression that if I fly an Epee, it's easier to evade the DFs.
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    Does anyone else find the old ones unplayable...because they can't bare the graphics?

    Well, I once heard someone (in TV or so) saying PC-games were not yet a kind of art because they all were about higher details instead of having a style of their own - well, I couldn't agree with that (and still can't)... I like the graphics of old games like WC1, while I feel that - for example...
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    Excellent suggestions for Standoff team

    Now, that may be the values the game deals with internally, but since the Armada-editor shows me some far too small values (about 2/3 of the ingame) for the afterburner-speed of the ships, I'd rather not rely on such... I'd only take it for things not measurable in another way - the used energy...
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    This game is still alive but EA wants to kill it

    Yep, the way I understand the WCP manual, it more or less says this to exactly be the main reason for the Kilrathi's aggressiveness... Thanks for the extract, LOAF - yet this still leaves to speculate if the Mantu already encountered the Nephilim and how their relationship to them is or, if...