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    *LOL* Now thats not nice.
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    List of Video Clips

    Thanks Weasel *G*
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    When and How you heard or saw something about WC for the first time?

    Really? That would be useful. I'm fairly sure you can set it for differant things in most of the games. I'll try changing it
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    Now that's quiet a differance *LOL*
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    When and How you heard or saw something about WC for the first time?

    Little finger to change targets. Also use the thumb to roll and operate the views
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    When and How you heard or saw something about WC for the first time?

    I have a thrustmaster joystick. It takes me three fingers to shoot *L*
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    Secret Missions and Special Ops

    The last release for WC1&2 that I know of was a sped up version for newer computers in 1998. You can still find the games unopened on Ebay every now and then
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    WC3 Scene????

    I had never seen that before. Thanks
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    Never played WC2

    He's getting rid of what he veiws as a problem. Namely Blair. Send him to work for insys and away from the fleet. Coast Guard is part of the department of the treasury. They are a policing organization but during times of war they becaome part of the navy and are meant to free up the navy's...
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    In the US They say "Hit the sack" means going to bed. Therefore "Bagging a woman" means sex.
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    One Ship Challenge

    The navy would prefer a VTOL to replace the f-16 for obvious reasons.
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    Flight Tactics

    Aces first and I keep my wingman in formation so the guys trying to follow me have something to shoot at besides me. Afterburn Slide around the cap ships after all the kittens are taken care of if I'm in a fighter. If I'm in a bomber then I still go for the caps last but sit out at 1000...
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    The Kilrathi Saga

    Disc-Disk/ tomAto-tomato same thing
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    WC Books

    I like End run best but Fleet Action was pretty good too.
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    Favorite all time movie

    My favorite movie: Mystery Men
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    The best TV I've ever touched

    I work on heating, air conditioning and refrigeration for people's homes. I went to one house to work on a water heater in the garage and kept having to move a big screen tv out of my way. The lady asked if I knew anyone that wanted it. I asked her how much she wanted for it. She said they had...
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    I hate being a showoff...

    Hey. Super Soakers are a must have!
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    What do you look for in the girl that you date?

    Good call though. Marriage does take work and then it is VERY much the best experiance you'll ever have. My wife's aunt told her on our wedding day "Just remember nothing is written in stone" My wife threw her out. *G*
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    Let the War Games Begin

    When we moved I found that my son had a stash of cookies that he had forgotten about for a couple of years. Ain't kids fun? *G*
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    WC Military Inaccuracies

    Actually Flint and Sparks were Chiefs which is a senior enlisted rank.