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    If You Like GOG Then You Should Put a Box On It (June 27, 2012)

    I used to have all those boxes. Regret having throw them away.
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    Kickstarter: Minis With Enemies (June 21, 2012)

    Very interesting! Will check more of it.
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    EA Talks Franchise Reboots (June 14, 2012)

    Single player and coop Branch story Lots of stories Shooter Multi platform Space Its already here: Mass Effect And you actually pilot the ship (not in combat) around the galaxy. I love WC, but WC2 story is very teen. WC3 a little darker/cheesy, WC4 even more dark. Mass Effect story is...
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    3D Printed Starfighters

    You can check the ones I did here: Cheers,
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    My Wing Commander 1 Models

    Those models are fantastic! You should make them available thru shapeways. Cheers,
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    3D Printed Starfighters

    Please make them available at half scale too. That's more like a gaming scale I use. Cheers,
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    My Wing Commander 1 Models

  8. RC1207

    Cobra was a spy...

    Wasn't the "personality overlay" something to give more credit to Hobbes change of heart? Fighting with the humans against a government he didn't agreed is one thing. Helping the humans blow his home planet to bits is something else. I doubt Project Manhattan used Japanese in any (if all) key...
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    3D Printed Starfighters

    Yes. They do accept PayPal, as that is the way shop owners (like me) receive their share.
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    3D Printed Starfighters

    They look fantastic! Cheers,
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    RELEASE: Wing Commander II Campaign Demo

    The Jalthi looks too small and the Bloodfang looks too big. The others are really nice. I don't know the larger Salthi -like one. Cheers,
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    Wing Commander in the modern age

    Interesting how "RPG" elements are loot and upgrades, not class and characters and story. That's a fact of what has become the term. Nothing to do with the old Pen & Paper RPG I used to play.
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    Alpha Test Game 7

    Reason: only Laser showed up in the window. Missile part didn't show up.
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    Alpha Test Game 7

    Last CP I could not fire DF against Scratch with Pounce.
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    Wing Commander in the modern age

    The reboot was the movie, right? See how that went. As to multiplayer interactive storyline, see Star Wars Old Republic. I've been playing it 2x week with buddies and having fun. Space combat is limited, but addictive. The storyline style of choices is similar to Mass Effect Cheers,
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    Corvettes: Paradigm vs Venture?

    Wet Navy names are very misleading. Even today some corvettes are lengthier than destroyers. The (WC) games were made for having fun, not having a lecture on future warship classes. There will be inconsistencies. It's like trying to learn how the US Navy Fighters work out of watching Top...
  17. RC1207

    The Darkest Dawn is Cleared for Launch

    Congratulations! Great story, excellent military mood, awesome graphics. I'm still on the 4th mission and liking it very much. The gameplay feels a lot like what I remember of WC3. Cheers!
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    Alpha Test Game 7

    Just ordered Pounce to fire at Delta (out of range and with 2 asteroids in direct line of sight). Interesting, because the first time I opened the order menu, the only option was Snarl for non-reserved fire shots. The second time the option to fire opened with all objects in the map. I chose...
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    Alpha Test Game 7

    I though that Pounce was "gone gone gone baby gone". At speed 4 (~400kps) that sounds pretty reasonable. I did blew myself more than a couple of time going that speed into a (WC) asteroid field. I know that all this work is specifically for WCTO, but it would be extra super if it was a little...
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    Alpha Test Game 5

    Had a rough week. Didn't see Magna fire in the mail. Sorry about that venting. I will (whine) to bad rolls later when I compile that info. Cheers,