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  1. QuailPilot

    Hello, I'm back.

    It's been a while, but I'm back! I've been trying to keep up with the news, but it's good to be back. I hope things have been going well here.
  2. QuailPilot

    Wing Commander RPG

    Okies sent you a pm of my thoughts on Sector creation.
  3. QuailPilot

    Alpha Test Game 5

    Sorry about that, no I didn't go anywhere, otherwise I would have let you all know. Just been insanely busy.
  4. QuailPilot

    Wing Commander RPG

    All right. I'll take a look at it, when my finals are over.
  5. QuailPilot

    Wing Commander RPG

    Alright. Once you have stuff to test out, let me know.
  6. QuailPilot

    How many of us are in the Armed Forces?

    Yeah, I have Crohn's so I feel ya there.
  7. QuailPilot

    Wing Commander RPG

    Just popping in to say, that I'm willing to test the game out once it needs to be tested. We could organize a weekly session, with some sort of voice chat and use Map Tool.
  8. QuailPilot

    Using Unity

    I've been fiddling around with Unity, and got the idea of using Unity as the engine to make a downloadable TacOps game. I'm sure it's possible, but as of this moment it's probably a little beyond me to make. (Especially coding rules and all that.) But just shooting this idea out there. Maybe...
  9. QuailPilot

    Terran Confederation wars before Kilrathi?

    To me, it seemed like a sci-fi version of the Waco Siege.
  10. QuailPilot

    Alpha Test Game 5

    Once again I have no "orders" button.
  11. QuailPilot

    Browser Interface Development

    When I logged out I got this: Warning: mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/agespast/www/www/avacar/phase5/widgets/logout.php on line 13 0Logout Failed
  12. QuailPilot

    Old-ish game search

    I was thinking it could be Sword of the Stars but I think that came out in 2006.
  13. QuailPilot

    Alpha Test Game 5

    Oh sorry wasn't clear, I meant that there was no orders button to press. I logged in today and now there was. Oh well.
  14. QuailPilot

    Alpha Test Game 5

    My two ships Violent Breeze and Talon supposedly need orders, yet there is no option too.
  15. QuailPilot

    Accepted to Flight School!

    I want to learn how to fly at some point. Good luck to you! My friend who got me into Wing Commander now serves as part of the ground crew of a US Navy rescue helicopter.
  16. QuailPilot

    Alpha Test Game 5

    Just as a suggestion: do you think a click and drag the map around system could be implemented sometime in the future? (Not right now, but sometime.)
  17. QuailPilot

    Alpha Test Game 4

    Oh yes. I have had that before. I figured you were doing something at the time, since you said you were.
  18. QuailPilot

    Alpha Game 5 Pre-Start Announcement

    Yup, that seems about right.
  19. QuailPilot

    Alpha Game 5 Pre-Start Announcement

    Which will make it quite interesting.
  20. QuailPilot

    Alpha Game 5 Pre-Start Announcement

    Well with the Broadsword you play chicken with the lighter fighters. Force it to come head on to you. Then you blast it with the tri-mass drivers.