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  1. Wojo

    Instructions Available for Kilrathi Lego Fighters (June 17, 2020)

    Imma just leave this here then...
  2. Wojo

    Defiance's Eyecandy Thread

    Cooler than my poxy version:
  3. Wojo

    My Favorite Movie (March 12, 2019)

    A beautiful bit of prose, Ben. Almost makes me wish I'd finished my mod project... Perspective is an enduring trait of the human condition; the ability to look back through a different lens but still retain the ability to put yourself back in that situation, years later. Even though I have...
  4. Wojo

    RELEASE; Wing Commander Saga: Pilgrim Legacy

    A ship pack & mods for Wing Commander Saga, based of the Wing Commander Movie canon. I'm as done as I ever will be. There were so many grand plans. A custom UI (at one point half completed). Voice acting. Cinematics. A multi-campaign story leading to the Siege of Peron. As it is, the mod is...
  5. Wojo

    Wing Commander Saga Klavs Ship Pack

    Might be about to make you tear your hair out here... FS2Open (and by extension, Saga) can handle more than 40k tris, just can't handle it in one single mesh. So if you break up the model into components, and attach them as submodels to the main mesh, it'll work fine. Unless it's an exporter...
  6. Wojo

    Pilgrim Legacy WIP (lotsa images yo)

    I think it's safe to say I'm definitely not in it for the money ;) Or any reason aside from my own perverse enjoyment (Hooray! Gimbal Lock!). I was going to put feelers out to the fs2Open community to see if anyone wanted to pick up the project, but after a recent flurry of work decided to see...
  7. Wojo

    Pilgrim Legacy WIP (lotsa images yo)

    Wow. Just wow. It's been over two years since I posted those pics... and not a huge amount has happened since. BUT I AM WORKING ON IT. Very slowly... thought I'd post a couple of things up. I made this map very early on, simply based on the intro from the movie & the canon universe map...
  8. Wojo

    Anyone seen Star Trek Beyond yet?

    Wow - a really in depth review here. You should make a living of it! (oh, wait, you already have an awesome job) It almost seems that the whole Krall metamorphosis was largely redundant. Yes, it prolonged his life & drove the plot. But for some reason I've never seen anyone wearing...
  9. Wojo

    Wing Commander Flat Universe

    The last screenshot; fighter on bottom-left. Looks like a mini Hellcat. What is it?
  10. Wojo

    Travel time jump lines and across systems.

    Back to topic... could you argue that approaching a jump point (or any other gravitational anomaly) would result in some relativistic effect a la 'Interstellar'? Kind of supported by the whole bullet time thing from the film... I'm picturing especially in the WC Movie when Blair first navigates...
  11. Wojo

    Arena series references

    So rather than "Let's make a wing commander game; it'll be like this" it was more "Let's make a game like this, how about we make it Wing Commander"... Interesting. It's a shame it didn't do better - I loved some of the design elements & structure. StarSoldier came as a complete (and awesome)...
  12. Wojo

    Arena series references

    I'd love to see what the 'marketyrants' spun to the studio - it's amazing (and fascinating) to think that so many titles are driven by people who have no interest whatsoever in the genre, or gaming in general. It's like a bunch of chefs running an auto mechanic shop.
  13. Wojo

    The origin of the Talon?

    I really enjoyed the 'climate' of Privateer - you really got the feeling that the Militia forces were second class, whereas the Confed forces ruled supreme when they were around. Highlighted by the huge gulf in performance between the Talon & Stiletto. If you irritated the Militia, it made the...
  14. Wojo

    Star Citizen Reaches One Million Backers!

    I'm interested in what people think 'failure' might mean. In a conventional scenario, a 'development failure' usually occurs when the publisher pulls the plug (i.e. money) for whatever reason, so the developer cannot afford to pay staff to finish the game. A 'retail failure' is when the game...
  15. Wojo

    Debris Mod for WCSD and WCS Plus Pack

    'raaay!!! I did make a start on cockpits too - not enough to bother with sending your way (literally just a few boxes), but have a look at the BSG Diaspora guys to see how well a cockpit can be done... @Aginor - I hear you, dude. Work + Children = NoTimeToMakeMods. I plug away about half an...
  16. Wojo

    Defiance's Eyecandy Thread

    Here's what I was looking for!
  17. Wojo

    Defiance's Eyecandy Thread

    You may want to try and track down some of the Prophecy concept art done by Syd Mead, like this one: (I wonder who's this is?) There was some art for the capital ships knocking around a while back - a quick google search has not revealed them to me...
  18. Wojo

    Star Citizen and sig for wccic request

    PM me. If it's only a couple of things no probs happy to help.
  19. Wojo

    This looks familiar...

    Just saw this on a tv ad... sat bolt upright!
  20. Wojo

    Descent: Underground

    I still fondly remember the music from Descent 2 - I hung onto that CD for many years just for that. The cinematics were outstanding also.