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  1. Loozer

    WC1 Speed issue

    I have WC1 from gog. I've been playing the game without failed missions, up until the last mission in McAullife. This mission is no joke. Heavy enemy fighters and an ace. In addition escorting the Drayman. I don't prefer cheating, but it seems I have to, for this mission. When there are at...
  2. Loozer

    Problems with a WC3 mission.

    Spot on! Thanks for coming through for me, Bandit. Now I just got to do the mission numerous times to get a good target on the skippers. Thanks again!
  3. Loozer

    Problems with a WC3 mission.

    I'm on the mission where we are leaving the nebula and I'm escorting the Victory to the jump point. The nav point after the Victory realizes the jump point is not there is the problem I'm having. After dogfighting a few fighters, the Victory immediately calls for assistance, even though the...
  4. Loozer

    Just wanted to...

    Just wanted to post this. Wing Commander is incredibly awesome. Its the only game I always come back to after playing numerous games from different genres over time, and I've played a lot of games! Playing new games, that to me, does not even compare to this series. I couldn't stay away from...
  5. Loozer

    Differences in Wing Commander 3 versions

    I have an original ps one. But was so attached to the 3do version. I'm sold on getting the ps one version though. I dont want to shell out a over a hundred bucks for the 3do system, although I think it's an awesome console. Thanks for everyone's input. Greatly appreciated.
  6. Loozer

    Happy Birthday Wing Commander! (September 26, 2013)

    Hard to believe after all these years, I used to go over to a friend of mine, and play Wing Commander after playing sessions of d&d with them. Good times!!! Best purchase to make. If you don't have GOG, at least get it for this series. It is absolutely perfect. I usually go through a fantasy and...
  7. Loozer

    Differences in Wing Commander 3 versions

    . Thanks for the reply. Your point on the controls seems a real downer. One last question, are the graphics in the cockpit and cinematic scenes identical to the 3do version?
  8. Loozer

    Recommended reading?

    The Honor Harrington series by David Webber is really good. Conqueror's Triology by Timothy Zahn. The Seafort Saga by David Feintuch
  9. Loozer

    Differences in Wing Commander 3 versions

    I grew up playing the wc3 version on the 3do. I like it alot better than the pc version. I no longer have a 3do, and I am considering getting the ps1 version. Any noticeable differences minor or major from the ps1 and 3do version? I do remember having really good smooth graphics in the 3do version.
  10. Loozer

    BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander III on GOG (September 13, 2011)

    Finally!! I dont have to switch out discs. This is truly awesome.
  11. Loozer

    New Wing Commander Game?

    I read this and thought of WC4. Good idea though.
  12. Loozer

    Question about the Kilrathi Saga add ons from the website

    I found it. Thanks for your help!
  13. Loozer

    Question about the Kilrathi Saga add ons from the website

    I downloaded the secret missions 1 and 2 and special ops 1 and 2 from the website for kilrathi saga. I just want to know what folder to extract them to within the kilrathi saga files on my computer, I've done it once but forgot.
  14. Loozer

    Favorite Cockpit

    WC4 had cockpits?
  15. Loozer

    Music of Origin Systems

    I liked the various tracks in the rec room in WC3, also i thought the Origin introduction at the beginning of WC1 was catchy.
  16. Loozer

    A Good SpaceOpera

    Off topic, If your looking for a good Space Opera in the book dept., the Hope Series by David Fentuch was pretty good.
  17. Loozer

    Just caught Seether on The Unit

    Yea I think the guy who plays Catscratch is also really good in martial arts. I remember seeing him on some cheesy, billy blanks/ninja type, of movie late one night. Big suprise to me, that it's the same guy on Iron Chef.
  18. Loozer

    Your Top Five favorite Bands

    1. Guided by Voices 2. Secret Machines 3. The Lost Sounds 4. The Clash 5. Battles (or maybe) The Grifters 6. Ten in the swear Jar 7. Sparklehorse 8. Young Galaxy 9. Elf Power 10. Sebadoh (or anything with lou Barlowe, "Folk Implosion" etc.)
  19. Loozer

    Pink Floyd.

    I liked Umma Gumma. It's very strange also, but has good percussion.
  20. Loozer

    SciFi and Reality

    The purpose of the thread is not to take away these characteristics in the fictional world, or belittle it's enjoyment.