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  1. GreyViper

    Nexus 2

    And they are back at it, this time with better preparation, still goal of $650k is bit iffy. Nexus 2: The Gods Awaken hits Kickstarter
  2. GreyViper

    Wing Commander IV: Source Code (April 3, 2012)

    This is fantastic news and I'm glad this has come to your care now.:)
  3. GreyViper

    Hellcat-V Designation?

    Im kind of curious how the other not so prominent ships fit in into timeline, take Talon & Stileto for example or Phantom.
  4. GreyViper

    Happy Birthday HCl! (April 14, 2012)

    Happy birthday and keep up the good work.
  5. GreyViper

    Wing Commander in the modern age

    Well Star Wolves has the level up system that somewhat works, but its not my favorite. Honestly i think the cybernetic implants are the way to go, like System Shock 2 or Deus Ex style. Only factor being that you body can take so much modding before it starts to reject the implants. As to...
  6. GreyViper

    RELEASE: Wing Commander II Campaign Demo

    To be honest I like the way he did them, it really is a matter of taste. As to Wraith I always saw it as specialized ECM ship, more like armed and armored AWAC or a platform toward developing Excalibur. Still nice to see space coffin AKA Epee back, I do have soft spot toward it. Special mention...
  7. GreyViper

    So... cockpits...

    There was German podcast, that explained that due time constraint cockpits and capship drelicts didn't make in.
  8. GreyViper

    The Darkest Dawn is Cleared for Launch

    Quick question is the prologue included or do I need to get it separately? And let me Congratulate you for achieving your goal and giving us another Wing Commander game to play!
  9. GreyViper

    WC Saga Breaks Down Campaign (March 14, 2012)

    Im glad you guys are on final stretch with this project.:) Hell its been so many years from the start and finally you are nearing the finish line. So when you finish this, whats your next project going to be? Maybe an epic saga taking place between end of WC4 and start of WCP?:D
  10. GreyViper

    Mass Effect 3

    Overall liked the game. Combat is fast paced then it was ME2, the upgrade system was nice to have. Also in a nice touch most of ME2 armor/weapon DLCs were included in main game without having to buy them with real money. As to ending, well for a "last game" it didn't do a good job. Imagen if...
  11. GreyViper

    Nexus 2

    Not sure how many people remember this great space sim from many years before. That left us wanting more, but due publishing issues I think stayed on ice. And interestingly enough out of nowhere comes this. "Most Wanted" team up with "GamesPlant" to develop Nexus 2 .
  12. GreyViper

    A question Privateer-Freelancer

    Well Bob McDob I remmeber the effort you put into Freelance moding and id say you did a good job. As to original post yeah StarLancer and Freelance were Chris Roberts idea of rebooting WC in new setting and new engine.
  13. GreyViper

    New Space Sim in the works

    Thank you for answer Germanunkol, from my point of view I like where this project is going. Reminds me of Freelancer, which isn't a bad thing. One thing tough, would it be possible to implement capship battles similar to ones in FreeSpace 2 on this engine?
  14. GreyViper

    New Space Sim in the works

    New Asteroids & Shield Effect (April 13 2009), Planet Shader (April 14 2009) pictures look the best. Question is there a flash version of the explosion, because currently its hard to judge. And lastly any info on how this space sim will play out? Reason I ask is this, there were few good...
  15. GreyViper

    Arena For the PC?

    DarkOne I understand what you mean, it should work rather well on PSP to. And it kind of makes me wonder why didn't they do a multi platform port? This way they might have gotten a bit more sales. As for porting to PC I doubt it would be beneficial since it would have hard time to compete with...
  16. GreyViper

    Star Wars: Empire at War

    I found EAW and FOC fun yet short. So in need to satisfy my SW hunger I went looking for mods and found z3r0x's FoC Addon (V3.5);77903. Adds tons of Star Wars units and few cut out content, some of the units can be gained only by controlling...
  17. GreyViper

    Most anticipated video game of the fall?

    Fallout 3 Fable 2 Red Alert 3 Clear Skies English version Witcher Enhanced version By the way that rifle is awesome, Im surprised that kind of pattern hasn't come up in Warhammer 40K.
  18. GreyViper

    WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

    Wow just wow what new shaders can do to a game. Compare them with the page 1 and they feel like different game. TonViper hope you get it working smoothly since that would reinvigorate this mod a lot.
  19. GreyViper


    There are lots of ways to look at it. One as mentioned that most of it went on cap ships like Midway class and Manowars. The tungsten shortage would be more felt in border worlds where I understand "Arena" takes place. And locals have to use what they have and improvise. As to OP original...
  20. GreyViper

    Then What Didn't Happen? (August 11, 2008)

    Just finished reading it, and I must admit it was very promising. With current technology Id say it could be expanded to work similar to Star Wolves 2.