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    New Flight Cmdr Download

    wow my first hud o.O
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    Image usage

    Nice work, Q. I'd have never picked up on that =P so how much credit do I get? 2? 3? =(
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    HoTT Continues The Cartoon Theme (February 6, 2005)

    Panther's first outfit is Peorth from Ah! My Goddess!
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    New improved HUDs

    It looks really good!
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    Do you like the WC Movie?

    That's really good. I love the Wing Commander Movie.
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    Oh, SCHWEET!

    I'm glad my ass/arse post remains.
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    Site update, new Stiletto...

    enough progress I want to see some cuts!
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    9/11/01 Remember where you were...

    on irc at 11pm at night
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    Confed Alliance

    I think it would be nice if you would ask before you steal my images.
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    Confed Alliance

    I don't really appreciate that all my rank images have been used without my permission.
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    Thank You Quarto

    he's my friend IRL too.
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    Top 3 anime

    1. Cowboy bebop 2. Love Hina 3. Full Metal Panic
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    CIC Clothing II: HATS

    A silloutte is a great idea. What class is the TCS Eisen? I'll get a silloutte done.
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    Back to an old one

    21/m/Brisbane, Australia
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    Farenlye 9/11

    There's no first amendment where I come from. The internet isn't American, it's international.
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    Farenlye 9/11

  17. Filler

    Fahrenheit 9/11

    Mangos are great.
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    Unemployed CICers

    I'm unemployed, but I run my own graphic design business. It gives me a bit of cash now and then, but nothing to live off :(
  19. Filler


    It's fun to take out two ships at once with them, though
  20. Filler

    Beat mission 1 in Nightmare

    The game wasn't tested in nightmare mode. I'm not sure if it's been completed at that level yet, but it sure wasn't tested to see if it was possible. Quarto made sure every mission was completable on hero mode.