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    hey lord kilrah, it's me hunter. Definately going to have to pick up where I left off shooting down furballs, and taking kilrathi princes up on their open challenges for duels, hehe. Going to have to represent some old school RH hspace skills.
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    how close is your mush to coming online? I played on Wing Commander: Red Horizon, and it was the best hspace mush out there in my opinion. I'll definately check the place out when it opens, what's the addy and port number?
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    stuck on a mission

    I can't for the life of me get past the relocating mission where the carrier and the fralthi relocate to the asteroids and then you get sent back to vet a visual on a sensor reading. When I get there one of my wingmen die there are some strange probes, but before I can do anything the enemy...
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    Wing Commander Saga Preview Trailer Released

    can't get the preview to work I have divx, but it freezes up the image when it gets to showing that gray planet, any tips on how to fix this so I can watch it?
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    What is Holding the line?

    What is holding the line?