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  1. Thrakkath

    Just wanted to say thanks

    Good post. Both this site and the fantastic mods you listed(haven't played PGG yet) IMO helped keep my interest and enthusiasm for space-sims alive when the genre looked all but dead and I don't doubt many others feel the same way. Even though there are big heavyweight space-sims like Elite...
  2. Thrakkath

    Elite Pilot Takes Cockpit Design to the Next Level (December 15, 2014)

    Fantastic setup, really like what he did with Roccat Power-Grid and the Android tablet to add to immersion, the touch interface is beautiful. I think Oculus Rift will be more in my price range tho:)
  3. Thrakkath

    underrated game and overrated games

    Enslaved looks good I'll give it a try will pick it up next time I'm in Gamestop, keep me occupied while I'm waiting for Star Citizen and Elite to come out:)
  4. Thrakkath

    underrated game and overrated games

    Slightly off-topic again but if you have a Dreamcast this might interest you its a GD-Rom drive replacement that lets you play GD-Rom dumps of your games off an SD card. The guy who makes them has stopped production for now, but he may do one final run of them. I'm...
  5. Thrakkath

    underrated game and overrated games

    Probably belongs in off topic but interesting thread! It's a nice list I'm a massive Dreamcast fan and loved Skies of Arcadia(both Dreamcast and Gamecube) and Grandia 2 both fantastic games better or at least up there with Final fantasy series also loved Broken Sword series. I would disagree...
  6. Thrakkath

    Transverse Saga Continues To Unfold; Game Evolved From WC Online Pitch (September 11, 2014)

    I just wish they would do something different whether its WC branded or not. Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous are already filling the MMO Space-Sim market so they are too late to the party for that. If this was more single-player focused, with online co-op and traditional non-gimballed...
  7. Thrakkath

    Interesting Kickstarter with WC possibilities

    I really like the idea, its up to him to prove the durability of the cardboard setup and he says he is working on that.
  8. Thrakkath

    Wing Commander movie reboot As cool as another WC Movie would be, it is definitely not the right time as its creator is far too busy as it is.
  9. Thrakkath

    Tony Zurovec Star Citizen

    Really interesting interview with Tony Zurovec and CR talking about Crusader, Loose Cannon and other things, great to see two incredibly talented developers collaborating on Star Citizen. I am glad to see him back in the games industry he really has a great passion for PC gaming.
  10. Thrakkath


    Anyone else on multiplayer? Its bombing out a lot on me with a crash to desktop, but finding it an absolute blast to play. First killstreak and it crashed:( Dont think the missiles are that OP at all they are pretty easy to evade with chaff hopefully they will introduce a beeping tone for...
  11. Thrakkath


    Heres a bit of footage I recorded from Vanduul swarm loaded with OP omnisky lasers in Hornet. Playing with an Ancient Top Gun Afterburner II HOTAS setup, I have to say the flight model has really grown on me great fun!
  12. Thrakkath

    Tony Zurovec Star Citizen

    I noticed on todays Wingmans hangar that Tony Zurovec's name was mentioned as an ex Origin employee, however his name was spelt 'Zurovek' I really loved the Crusader series and believed he had left the games industry. Maybe someday we might see Crusader 3:) I would love to know if it is...
  13. Thrakkath

    Gamespot Ponders the Return of the Space Sim (April 30, 2014)

    I bit the bullet and paid the extra for Elite premium beta (no patience), spaceflight feels really nice and works well with 360 controller on 3D TV. Really think this ones going to be a winner and SC dogfighting module only around the corner too its a good time to be a space-sim fan!
  14. Thrakkath

    Star Citizen Grey Market

    Part of the reason grey market exists is because ships like the Scythe(had the opportunity to get one but missed the boat) and Idris Corvette are limited in number and also came with Lifetime Insurance (LTI). It is not clear whether a captured Scythe will be insurable in game so it is a quite a...
  15. Thrakkath

    Wing Commander Added to Netflix UK (April 24, 2014)

    I'm lucky in Ireland so got to watch it on Netflix only available in SD though. Great to see CR get movie rights back in 2015. I'm betting he will be super busy with Star Citizen for a while due to its enormous scope, but hopefully he can find the time to make the movie too!
  16. Thrakkath

    Wing Commander Added to Netflix UK (April 24, 2014)

    Finally got my head around the fact that Mark Hamill and Tom Wilson aren't in the movie and watched it through. It really wasn't a bad movie shame the budget didn't allow for slightly furrier and more vicious looking Kilrathi, but you cant have everything and dogfights were great. Hopefuly CR...
  17. Thrakkath

    Wing Commander Music Kickstarter Enters Final Week (March 15, 2014)

    Glad I got to up pledge to 50 at last minute 45 minutes of CD will be awesome. Delighted it went through. Was a stretch for me as I backed Star Citizen heavily and other kickstarters so pretty tapped out for crowdfunding cash otherwise i would have pledged more.
  18. Thrakkath

    Wings Kickstarter

    I know Chris Roberts crowdfunding efforts are eclipsing everything these days, but for anyone who loved the old Cinemaware titles back in the good old days of gaming there is a Kickstarter remake of Wings in glorious HD. Its not far off target but needs a push here's the link for anyone who may...
  19. Thrakkath

    Broadsword in the Concordia's Hangar

    Really enjoyed this Howard, very impressive work. It makes a nice companion to the Star Citizen module. Can't wait to see your other ships.
  20. Thrakkath


    Fantastic news upped my pledge, but didn't think they would make it. It would be great if the game is made available through GOG.