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    BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander LP Inbound (December 29, 2022)

    Unless I missunderstood something this is just a vinyl release of the already existing Oldziey orchestral project. You can buy CDs and digial downloads from his site and if you never did that already, what are you waiting for? ;)
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    Back That Achilles Up (December 19, 2022)

    There's a couple spots in the WC movie where they used editing to try and make things seem bigger than they are... There's obviously the Rapiers during the scramble that you've already mentioned. The flight deck was filmed 'Titanic' style where they built half of it and then mirrored it using...
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    Does anyone remember that show? AWC

    I don't know if frequency was the biggest issue, but of course a less ambitious time table could be one of the tools needed to get back in the swing of things. The bigger things at play for the hiatus were personal things combined with Covid restrictions. I think some kind of project though has...
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    SNES Secret Missions Preview Highlights Game's Improvements (November 19, 2022)

    The cover of this issue also calls it "Wing Commander 2". Captain America is a WC fan apparently
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    WCProphecyHDPack Install Insert CD 1 probelm

    Almost certainly. Similarly to if you wanted to use the model update pack, you would unpack the WEP into your prophecy directory (but don't run the installer), apply the openGL patch and then finally copy over the updated DLL. Let me know if that gets you up and running.
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    Star Citizen Commemorates First Decade of Development with WC Easter Egg (October 10, 2022)

    I'd be surprised if that's even a new video. It's pretty lite on spoilers honestly... there's no dialogue so nothing is really in context for it to be really a spoiler at all. The first two min or so are things weve seen in various ISC videos over the last two years, and the various face tech...
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    WCProphecyHDPack Install Insert CD 1 probelm

    I believe we solved this over on Discord. For anyone else looking for a solution, make sure you install the patches in the correct order. There's a few different steps where it could break. For reference: 1. Install the game - Most likely this will only be an issue with the GOG version anyway...
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    WC4 GOG No Music During Missions

    Pretty sure you can just burn past the station and ignore it. It takes a while to get far enough past to autopilot but I don't think you actually ever have to blow it up, unlike when you try and leech fighters but the next wave won't trigger until you just kill the defenseless pilots. You...
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    Inventory: Wing Commander Academy Co-Belligerents (October 5, 2022)

    Well, yes, I guess I worded it poorly. I wasn't meaning the tech couldn't be repurposed against aliens (which presumably have DNA of some sort) but rather that they weren't really a target of Tolwyn's plan (that we know of, but I should consult the novel to be sure). The specific bioweapon...
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    Inventory: Wing Commander Academy Co-Belligerents (October 5, 2022)

    Would it even work on non-humans? It seems pretty tailored to killing humans with specific traits (and possibly traits more prevalent in border-worlds).
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    Interview Chris Roberts - Mark Hamill (wing commander 3 1994)

    Thanks for sharing! I don't think I've seen this one before. I had to laugh at Mark Hamill calling the Kilrathi a 'demented version of Garfield.' I was curious so I looked up which magazine it's from and I found an issue of 'PC Fun' over at that could be it...
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    Malcolm McDowell Speaks!

    Awesome! Thanks for doing this.
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    More Memories of David Warner & Extended Wing Commander Scenes (July 26, 2022)

    I'm saddened to hear of the passing of David Warner. He may have had no more than 5.5 min of screen time in Wing Commander (if you count the disk audio), but it was memorable and added a touch of class. In his honor, enjoy a couple brief extended scenes... First up, his call with Blair...
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    WC Movie promotional prints

    Cool!. I have one of these press kits but the one I have doesn't have the slides. IIRC there was more than one version and one included more of the Black and White prints than the others as well. What are you wanting for the set?
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    Setting Up Wing Commander 4 Cheats GOG version

    Mitchel is the WC3 cheat IIRC. You need "-chicken" for WC4. I haven't tried it recently but I believe you put it within the quotation marks in the shortcut's "target" box but after the *.exe (and there should be a space between exe and the dash).
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    Something to Talk Obutu (July 10, 2022)

    I was always curious about why specifically Starship Troopers gets mentioned on the back of the DVD box for the movie... They both have fresh recruits going to war but the similarites kinda end there... Regardless, the temp music used when editing the movie in post-production is heavily...
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    Something to Talk Obutu (July 10, 2022)

    Here's a short clip of a deleted line (and alt takes and temp cues) from the Wing Commander movie. Hugh Quarshie's Mr. Obutu utters an apparent African expression that I'd love to learn more of its origins and meaning. I feel it gives the scene an interesting flavor. One thing that was always...
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    HD video packs - Tech Support

    The error still sounds like a codec issue. The same thing happens with the original VOBs when the game is looking in the wrong place for an MPEG2 decoder. Originally the solution would have been to install something like mpeg2dec and run the 'register' function to make windows recognize it...
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    HD video packs - Tech Support

    Did you get the GOG version working correctly before trying the HD pack? If you go to your VOB folder and play one of the HD version video files separately from the game on it's own, does it play correctly? if the answer to either of these is no, then you might need to install the appropriate...
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    HD video packs - Tech Support

    Can you please detail your installation steps you took to try and get them running? Also, did you have it running with any previous versions of the HD packs?