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  1. Klavs81

    Malcolm McDowell Speaks!

    I did a thing: Happy Birthday CIC!
  2. Klavs81

    Mandalorian/WC Connection The Respeecher staff also used the High Resolution video packs from Wing Commander IV and III by Owen Davies. A veritable treasure trove of ~10 aby Mark Hamill audio! I know because I provided it to them during a...
  3. Klavs81

    Unreal Developer/Programmer

    Does anyone here on the forums know anyone experienced with Unreal Engine and C++? I have a paying project working with spacecraft visualizations in Colorado if anyone is interested. Send resumes/emails to Thanks!
  4. Klavs81

    The Day Jobs

    1. Design an aerial camera turret. 2. Fabricate said turret and hang it on the airplane. 3. Go test fly the turret to make sure nothing breaks! 4. Fly formation with another airplane and shoot cool video!
  5. Klavs81

    Break formation and open presents!

    I decided to do something with all these 3d printed models cluttering up my office! Happy holidays, wingnuts!
  6. Klavs81

    Marauder Shields

    Now THIS is obscure, Marauder Shields, the meme turned webcomic (episodes 1-5) turned SERIOUS webcomic (episodes 6+) has named one of their characters after Christopher Blair. This issue is absolutely packed with Wing Commander references (read the codex below) And you know what? If you've...
  7. Klavs81

    Happy Battle of Britain Day

    Indebted to 'The Few'. Since Battle of Britain day was yesterday, I thought I'd post my latest Spitfire piece. More details visible at: Hope you guys like it!
  8. Klavs81

    WC Model Kits

    Got this email from Fantastic Plastic. Interesting stuff. I have no way to afford any of this, but here are the numbers. A couple of other companies have also responded with similar numbers, but this gentleman seemed most interested. Anybody want to organize a donation program? I'll provide the...
  9. Klavs81

    Tales of the Claw

    Teaser one released!
  10. Klavs81

    Getting Started with Windows 8?!

    Setting up a new machine today and- What the heck?! What's worse is that a TOBI interface is nowhere to be found! :)
  11. Klavs81

    Movie Rapier Spotted

    Not sure if this has been posted, but I ran across this today: A movie Rapier being used at a paintball arena. Interesting! Not a huge fan of the design, but it's interesting where these things end up!
  12. Klavs81

    Tolwyn & Eisen

    Malcolm McDowell & Jason Bernard in 'Blue Thunder' also staring Roy Scheider! It's probably been posted before, but it just tickled me pink. :)
  13. Klavs81


    Tooner was a great kid. When he was on his game, you could really recognize yourself in his doodles. Some were really hilarious. If he'd spent half as much time in the sim as he spent huddled over his tablet, he'd probably still be with us. The worst of it was that he took his best friend with...
  14. Klavs81

    WC4 Loadout Graphics

    This is just a thought, but has anybody ever extracted the rotating ships/missiles from the WC4 loadout screens? Seems like there's a treasure trove of good renders of all the cutscene versions of the flyable ships there. Could be good fodder for those of us building models. I have no idea how...
  15. Klavs81

    1/72 Arrow

    Hey guys, Rylex has very graciously and bravely trusted me to produce a 1/72 Armada Style F-27 Arrow for him. The model will have lighted engines and cockpit, a full set of custom decals, as well as a complete cockpit. As this is Rylex's private commission, I won't discuss our costs, but he has...
  16. Klavs81

    Meme Commander

    Ready... begin!
  17. Klavs81

    Model Sets

    Now that the WC1 Confed ship prints are posted, I have a question for the community. I will put my own spin on the designs as you've seen before and make them available to the community as 3D prints. WC3/4 Designs will be closer to cannon as you're used to seeing them. I'm working for you...
  18. Klavs81

    New 3D Thread

    I'm going to start this thread independent of the 3D printing thread, if that's ok. Easier to post updates for folks who don't give a rip about the physical models! I've started re-texturing and re-detailing the re-designed fighters, and I'll keep the updates posted here. Hope I'm not boring...
  19. Klavs81

    Keep 'em flying!

    Hello all, One of the companies I work with, Aerometal International, is in the running for a small business grant and we need your help! We have until the 28th of this month to to get 250 people to 'vote' for us stating you think we should be considered. To vote you will need a facebook...
  20. Klavs81

    3D Printed Starfighters

    After a lot of design analysis and a period of prototyping, I'm very pleased to be announcing 3d prints of my WC inspired fighters! First up, the Rapier & Scimitar available in 1/600 scale (About 40 cm [1.57 in] long) and 1/300 scale (About 80...