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    Assembling a Pentium 75 Computer to run Old Games

    That's why God made memory managers :) Assuming you can find a download for one (I *THINK* I used Hurricane something-or-another back in the day), it'll make your life a lot easier - if it can get ~620k conventional memory + sound card/CD/et. al. + EMS, it can get enough to run WC3 =)...
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    Real Mass Driver prototype

    o.O Wow - I too want one of these ... mebbe I'll get to play with one at West Point ... (On a similar note, isn't it great how much time and resources we humans expend trying to find new and better ways to kill each other? ...)
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    I lost the game.

    What the crap ...
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    Virtual Reality Hamster Ball

    Question: What about the inertia of the ball when you get up to speed? *Sprint sprint sprint* "Dodge Left!" *Tries to sidestep left - ball keeps going - fall* "Pwnt." Having said that, I still want one ;)
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    Displaying IP Addresses

    However, AFAIK, nobody's been hacked due to their IP being displayed here, and I've lurked for years. *Knocks on wood* You're far more likely to be portscanned as part of a range, rather than by being singled out by IP, anyways - 'tis easier on the script kiddie ;) Finally, any half-decent...
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    Gary Whitta Doesn't Like Wing Commander!

    *Sigh* This from the magazine that, a few years ago, sold a copy with 10 classic games (including Wing Commander, Monkey Island, X-Com 1), able to run on Windows at normal speed! Man was I pissed when I lost the CD - thank god for Google ... Idea, to take the letter-writing campaign to the...
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    Beta version of the Hanger deck

    I thought that the ARMD carriers were destroyed, and it was the (semisubmersible) aircraft carrier Prometheus and the (semisubmersible) BIG landing craft Daedalus that were attached to the arms ... (Which allowed the "Daedalus" attack - put all the barriers on the front of the Daedalus, "punch"...
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    Opinions on Standoff Episode 1 (*spoiler warning*)

    This mod reminds me of everything I loved about the old WC games ... and everything I *HATED* about the old WC games ... If I ever have to fly the Stiletto again I'll track down the designers and STAB them ... the Gladius isn't much better - I must be spoiled on SO and Allegiance ships :/...
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    Standoff Overture

    Great work, Mike ... but remove the clarinet and add a euphonium! (*euphonium-ist bias talking*) 0:00 - 0:29 - the breaks sounded ... odd to me. Mebbe a little more reverb or a soft bass to play through the rests ... fading too =) Great buildup from :22-:26, but accenting the notes would...
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    Most aggravating WC mission

    Most annoying mission? I was playing through WCP Advance, when I got to the targeting disc mission. I launch in my Devastator, go to select the disc ... wtf no disc. I reset and try again: wtf no disc?!! Kinda makes it hard to win ... I proceed to improvise - I blow up every damn alien...
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    WC1 for Pocket PC

    Beh - I'll wait for it to come out for Palm OS 5/6 ... they already wrote a SCUMM VM for OS 4 ...
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    The Word Game

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    Question about rank

    Amen to that, Farlander. I actually joined for ... I forget what I joined for a year a nd a half ago ...
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    The Oscars

    They should have just given LotR a special award or something, and left the other nominations for other movies - how many films missed the recognition they deserved because they happened to be released at the same time as that cinematic juggernaut?
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    Origin is officially dead...

    Poor planet ... *Wishes he could hit the Autopilot key on Standoff ...*
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    Kilrathi Saga Observation - Windows 98SE vs. Windows XP

    Let's not bring up Falcon 3.x and its expansions here ... *fondly remembers much struggling to get Sound, CD-ROM, AND EMS to fit in 30k of conventional memory - I forget the name of the program (Hurricane or NetRoom, I think), but it gave me 615k memory with the above setup ... * You want...
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    Wing Commander: Secret Missions 1 & 2 Question.

    Unfortunately true. You're just going to have to find them (I actually have a copy of the original WCI/SM1/SM2 on CD - if I felt like spelunking through my collection, I'd sell it to ya ;) Point being, they exist ...). However, assuming you can find a download for the original versions, I...
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    Damage to weapons

    Shades of Falcon ... most full-crazy-real physics combat sims have options as such ... but will a company interested purely in the bottom line invest in the extra time the physics engine would take to code? (EDIT: take physics loosely here to mean physics and damage ... if it were up to me...
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    Random WC Pics

    *blink blink*
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    Damage to weapons?

    That was probably the supports to the canopy exploding - hitting the edge of the acrylic would hurt it a lot more ... It'd have to be relatively strong - else it'd suck to hit the pebbles in the middle of an asteroid field ...