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    Wing Commander, the Churnah Tales

    This has put a great big smile on my face.
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    The Q Ship

    It says that you can stray up to 2000m, but it's best to stay around 1000 or so.
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    Collection of short stories

    I'd have to say, it'd be preferable if you were to design the website. Most likely if I were to design it, it wouldn't be much of a website at all.
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    Collection of short stories

    I've been working on making a fanfiction site. Originally it was just my material but I'd host anything that anyone else wants to contribute. I'm not the greatest at graphics so if anyone wants to help out on that then it'd be appreciated. I've been working on my two major projects...
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    Announcing: Wing Commander: Fleet Command

    I will definately playtest these rules for you, once you get the first draft finished. As it stands now, this sounds like it will be very entertaining, and I'm very excited for the customizable factor.
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    See? We are still alive!

    Can only wait until everything is at condition blue. I'm liking the sound of the branching losing path, does this mean you can make the difference between a partial sucess or a total failure? I'd love to make it as easy for Bradshaw as I can. :)
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    I have a question about the Broadsword myself, in regards to ejection seats. In WC2 only the pilot can eject, if you attempt to do so in a turret you would not be able to. However it would seem that there would have to be some sort of way for the gunners to eject, lest you lose three people...
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    Hell's Unicorns - The Vega Campaign: Brimstone System

    Sorry for lack of updating, I'm still wanting to complete this story. Actually, Hell's Unicorns itself is going to be just the first part of a running story that goes up to a rather big famous battle in the year of there shall be much more to come. In the meantime I'm setting up a...
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    Strike with Daring, Episode 1: Incursions.

    It's shaping up to be a good story, I'll be waiting for the next chapter.
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    Hell's Unicorns - The Vega Campaign: Brimstone System

    Chapter 27 "Allison...can you do this?" Rokain looked at her with a worried look, most likely for himself more then it was for her. "I can...ahh don't give a damn about me. I'm alright." "I sure hope you are." He could tell that she wasn't in her right mind but he couldn't exactly place...
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    Wing Commander: A Fool's Trip to Hell

    I would like to see this continued, hopefully it hasn't been abandoned.
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    New Paint Schemes!

    The dark stealth grey is perfect as it is. The camo for the light grey is also great. #3, #5, and #6 seem to get the right colourings for a light grey out of the second lineup.
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    Nice work! (episode 2 spoilers)

    The jazz was a complete suprise when I heard it, I wasn't expecting anything like that at all. It really sets the mood for those scenes though, I liked it alot. I'm now going to be wondering about how the music will turn out. Even more of long wait this one is going to be, eh? :D
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    Nice work! (episode 2 spoilers)

    I've gotten both versions of the Sabre Chase ending, A is the one you tractor beam the pod in and cover for Sparrow or B is the one where you fly away and you have Spoons favor. But checking the Flight History Terminal for me it says for the encounter in the repair bay that it is B. I'm...
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    Nice work! (episode 2 spoilers)

    I thought that the love story was pretty good. And the music is swank. Cheers to Michael and Daniel. :cool: The game itself is making me break a sweat many a time. It's been a blast. (Of Pirates, Kilrathi, and myself.) One question though, how does one choose the encounter with Sparrow...
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    Front Lines

    You're extremely well at painting a grim situation. I'd love for the Hermes to win but it looks like it could either way... This is an excellent story and I'm eager to read on. It's been well worth the wait.
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    Hell's Unicorns - The Vega Campaign: Brimstone System

    Chapter 26 In the morning Allison had gotten up...tried to. Fallen back in bed, feeling like she was about to die. As he had guessed the night before, she had gone straight to her room after picking out a wine. And as could be guessed by anyone she drank it. What couldn't be guessed would...
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    Hell's Unicorns - The Vega Campaign: Brimstone System

    Chapter 25 In what seemed to be in the middle of the night the ship intercom turned on, loud enough to wake up anyone asleep. As Rick woke up he listened. "Attention, attention. Delta, Sol needed in Mission Room right away. Repeat, Delta, Sol needed in Mission Room. Thank you." Maegen...
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    Hell's Unicorns - The Vega Campaign: Brimstone System

    Chapter 24 "So that chap got quite pissed, eh?" Rick interrupted his staring out the view port long enough to look over to his right, finding his empty table now full with Sol and Raine. Sol was pointing over at Ballentine who was head down with a bottle of whiskey in hand. "...He's...
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    Hell's Unicorns - The Vega Campaign: Brimstone System

    Chapter 23 Maegen, Evan, Molly, and Ben all sat down in the comfy seats of the mission room, the nicest seats in the whole ship. A tradeoff for having the most dangerous job. Mollo had a diagram of the mission plan on the computer. "Alright everyone, time to take our efforts up a notch. Two...