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    The Greatest Gun

    Like the Stormfire. Pretty Sound, pretty speed. :D
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    Ugliest Ship

    I think the LONGBOW looks like bunch of shit....;)
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    I'm Not Sure What This Is (January 8, 2005)

    There are some more comics on this page :D : And yes, its German language. I`ll translate Comic 1 (the one posted on the CIC Site) for you: ------...
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    The Lamest Insults Ever

    I´ve a problem...the taunts in the German version were very cool. Vaquero in WC3: "Friss Dreck und stirb, Gato!" ( "Eat dirt and die, Gato!" ) Pirates in WC4: "Wir sehen uns in der Hölle wieder!" ("We see us again in hell") Excell in WC4: "Diese Idioten können mir nichts anhaben!" ("These...
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    Favourite character

    Player charackter: Blair Other pilots: Excell, Maniac, Flint, Vaquero
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    which game(beside WC) would you like to have a sequel?

    Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic 2 (well, coming soon??? ) Enclave 2 Dune - The Desertplanet 2 Neverwinter Nights 2 Anachrochox 2
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    Favorite Anime?

    I´m also a big anime/manga fangal! :) So heres my top5-list: 1. Ayashi No Ceres 2. Rorouni Kenshin TV Series 3. Flame of Recca 4. Macross Plus Series 5. Bubblegum Crisis 2040 TV
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    Here's a fairly pointless question...

    James A. Michener - Colorado-Saga Big...
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    Clearing things up

    I don´t know anything about this argument. maybe its better this way...;) Where can I review this argument??? Since this thread is posted in the public area.. the public is interested...*g*
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    To JOYSTICK or not to JOYSTICK? THAT is the question!

    Well... I never played the WC-series with a joystick! Why? I played all my games with keyboard and mouse only, so I became addicted to kind og gaming style. And the other point is that I don´t own a joystick. ;) But WC was very good to play, even without joystick.
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    Favorite fighter.

    I love the BlackLance-Dragon-Fighter from WC4 --> Mysterious, dark and full of deadly power! ;) On the 2nd position is the "Excalibur", and on the 3rd position is the good old alround "Hellcat"!
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    Blue people aboard the Tiger's Claw?

    I´m blue, dadadidadadei....does anyone know this song?? :D
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    Man! I forgot how great wing commander was!

    Welcome on the board, webe123. :) I fully agree to your statement and I´m also very sorry that big EA "killed" Origin in a special way...Thats nothing new, the Westwood Studios shares the same fate as Origin Systems.But maybe there will be an other Wing Commander in the future, I simply can´t...
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    Blue people aboard the Tiger's Claw?

    LeHah, not the Germans, only the Nazi Germans around 60 years ago. Not all Germans were Nazis that time.
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    Blue people aboard the Tiger's Claw?

    My first thought after i´ve seen the blue pliots in WCA TV: "Too much alkohol isnt good at all". ;)
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    German Popstar as an Actor in Prophecy

    Well, I don´ like Sdmudo and the "Fanta 4"-group, but I was pretty shocked when I saw him in the game...;) But there´s a mistake on the site!?? The last picture...he writes "and thats Panther from WC4"....isn´t it Stiletto from WC5?? As far as I know Panther (Elizabeth Barondes) hasn´t got...
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    Forum Changes! Read me before complaining!

    Nice update, I like the new style! :) Profile pictures are a good idea. Well...I sent a pm to loaf for an another request.
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    When will the US get Bin Laden?

    They shouldnt get him, they should shoot him down because otherwise radical terrorists will try to gain him free...
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    WC music vid Need a music suggestion

    Bad suggestions imho...;) HipHop/Rap and WC??? Oh dear, thats wicked sick! My suggestions: KMFDM - Son of a gun (Would go nice with Blacklance-Movie-Scenes!) Rammstein - Feuer Frei! Sammy Hagar - Winner takes it all Manowar - Warriors of the world
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    WC4 question

    You cant save the Lexington. There is no alternative way in this battle, you have to join the Borderworlds....or you lose. (Thats sad, because I loved my Seether-baby, the sexiest man I´ve ever seen in a computergame! :D )