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    RSI Campaign Down to Last Two Days (November 17, 2012)

    I am sorry if this has been brought up somewhere else. I am assuming there will be a community fleet/guild. Where do I sign up? :) I know we have a ways to go, but you can never be too prepared.
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    RSI Pledge Thread

    Woohoo!!! Finally got it to work!
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    RSI Pledge Thread

    Anybody having problems pledging? Last couple of days I couldn't even get the pledge page to load after choosing CC and pledge level. Now I can at least get past that but now I can't get past the page that asks for name and email. I have tried IE and chrome, both don't work. Any help would...
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    RSI Pledge Thread

    Does anyone know if you pledge say the $250 package do you also get the ships from the lower packages or just for that level? Looking to fill up my hangar bays. :)
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    RSI Announcement: Live and Post-Live Thread

    Nice! Not WC but a hybrid single player/MMO in a similar universe. It does sound pretty darn good.
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    RSI Announcement: Live and Post-Live Thread

    Vega Sector, Kurasawa System... Bengal Class Carrier... I'm thinking new WC and loving it!
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    Breaking Point

    Well I happen to be a proponent of nuclear power seeing how it is my career choice. Nuclear power is in fact the most efficient form of energy and one of the cleanest forms out there. While yes, we do create radioactive waste that waste is dumped safely or reused in other various...
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    Playing Arena on Friday

    I'll make an effort to join you guys, I have only one achievement I need to get more! :) My gamertag is DirtyDave1833.
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    Starship troopers 3 trailer...

    No, not really. Being a huge fan of the book I was appalled by the movie. But I didn't want to start a book vs. movie thread and hijack this one.
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    Starship troopers 3 trailer...

    I think Van Dien is acting that way because while the first movie may have tried to be serious, this one has embraced the over the top military attitude. He seems to act very exaggerated John Wayne-like. I think this one will include more humor compared to the first one if anything subtle...
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    Meeting up on Xbox Live

    Join in on the fun Well I finally got a 360, and I had to get Arena. I was just wondering if there is a set time or if I can add some folks as friends. My gamertag is DirtyDave1833.
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    What would you REALLY do in Wing Commander

    Oops, skimmed over that part. Regardless I would still become a pilot. Hellcat isn't too bad. I realize the odds are against pilots surviving but that's a risk one has to take.
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    What would you REALLY do in Wing Commander

    While the odds may be stacked against pilots a bit, it would seem to me that the flight alternative is better than fighting it out on the ground against the cats would be rougher. At least flying you skill level determines your survival rate more than on the ground, which is just pure luck...
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    Confed flight suits

    I don't know if this will help, but when I was in the Marines I wore a flight suit, even though I was an amtracker. While we were aboard a navy ship we just wore our flight suits, underneath I wore a green t-shirt and boxers. The only time I wore something different was when we had liberty in...
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    John Spencer 1946-2005

    John Spencer passed away today of a heart attack. Most in this community recognize him as the abrasive Captain Paulson who was eventually done in by Seether in Wing Commander IV. More recently he has starred in the West Wing as Leo McGarry. Yet another Wing Commander and movie actor great has...
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    The silliest callsign

    Way back when I first bought WC1 my original callsign was Catkiller, it seemed appropriate at the time. But now I go by Spartan after the ancient Spartans... just trying to capture the warrior spirit. It was also my callsign in the Marines.
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    The Word Game

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    College stuff

    Well after five years of active duty in the Marines I figured the government could pay for my schoolin'. (Will be celebratin' seven years of service in July - 5 active, 2 reserve) Washington State University working on BA in History with a teaching certificate with a supporting endorsement...
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    The Word Game

    Rico (Starship Troopers - GREAT book! Horrible movie)
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    The Word Game