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    Which WC game has the best music?

    Prophecy sucked...then Privateer II, and all the rest rocked.
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    Dificult Settings

    I have noticed that the enemy pilots suck on that level. But there are about three times as many, and your guns are reduced to flower power intensity.
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    Dificult Settings

    I've always thought they should separate the difficulty options so you can have smart enemies without silly options like regenerating armour.
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    Kilrathi life expectancy?

    Parsecs are a measure of distance (1 pc = 3.26 light years). The parallax (measured in parsecs) is related to the apparent movement of a star when its position is measured from opposite sides of the Sun (ie six months apart). Think geometry on a HUGE scale :-)
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    Do yourself a favour and just play the game.
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    Death punishment in the WC-universe

    European arrogance should be given the death penalty. And why do you make the distinction of "civilian"? Oh wait...European countries have armies that kill people, so that's not uncivilised. [Not to say that there aren't major problems with the death penalty in the US, nor that there aren't...
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    Death punishment in the WC-universe

    It's true that most countries don't have the death penalty now, but a 30 year war might change perspectives somewhat.
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    Communication officers in Wing Commander

    I salute your optimism. I'll try not to disappoint. Viking (God willing, soon to be Viking MSc).
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    I've not checked this thread for a while...did CIC post the program? If not, would you mind emailing it to me?
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    what would a flashpack do?

    I have been reflecting on this, and maybe an earlier poster got it right when he said that the TOTAL devastation of the flashpack renders it an immoral weapon. Consider the following: you are in command of 10000 men, and you have to take an enemy position. You estimate 1% casualties for the...
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    Wing Commander affected our lives

    I think you just have to allow different people to have their own gaming areas. Some people think games are just for amusement and balk at the idea of doing anything other than giving themselves a good time. Others (like me) tend to take atmosphere and realism very seriously and would always try...
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    what would a flashpack do?

    This pure energy is in the form of gamma radiation. There is no contamination, it is true. But there is radiation (and lots of it).
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    Wc universe page updated

    I admire your vision, Darkmage, but I think you may be getting ahead of yourself. You seem to be full of ideas for features...these need to be documented in one place and looked at together to see how they depend on each other...they can then be prioritised and investigated for feasability...
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    what would a flashpack do?

    Yes I remember. But nukes DO kill people slowly and painfully. They work essentially like very very big conventional bombs...they might instantly vapourise everyone inside a 10 mile radius but for a good distance outside that they will cause the good old fashioned burns, blast, and other...
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    what would a flashpack do?

    Agreed. But from the WC4 intro the flashpack kills in seconds. Burns, blast and fragmentation from conventional weapons can take hours or days to kill. Arguably worse, conventional weapons can leave people maimed and hence cause months or even years of suffering. The flashpack (somewhat...
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    what would a flashpack do?

    Why is a flash pack immoral? It destroys spaceships, which is what Confed does for a living.
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    Official Music Petition!

    I'm Phil Cook, and I'd definitely buy this CD.
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    Casey a wimp

    Maniac's perspective on life changed in WC4. It was quite touching to see something make him take life seriously for once.
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    Deleting Direct X 8

    DirectX is notoriously hard to uninstall, as I found when I tried to go back from DX6 to DX2 in order to get WC3 to work properly. You might find interesting but be warned messing with DX can be troublesome.
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    Wing Commander affected our lives

    I think WC is more like a movie series (like Star Wars) than a computer game. Let's face it, nobody played WC4 for the new and exciting flight engine. When WC3 was released I read a bunch of snide comments about "tedious" FMV getting in the way of the action. But for me that was just the...