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    Pilot Crew Check in

    So did anyone else want to become a pilot after playing Wing Commander? I wanted to ever since I was a kid, but playing WC pushed me over the edge. Anyone else? :D
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    Doom III Expansion

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    Doom III Expansion

    Anyone else picking it up today? :D
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    So whats up with the action figures?

    whoops, lemme post the link Check it out
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    So whats up with the action figures?

    I was looking on e bay and came across these action figures, I've never seen them before, anyone collect them? :confused:
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    Brute Force

    I picked up brute force, sadly, lost my xbox live, but i think that it is pretty good, i have only played multi, do you know if brute has coop single game? like halo did?
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    Treasure Hunt

    In the mission "Treasure Hunt" i am having some real trouble. In the mission you get 3 min. to destroy about 8 mantas (i believe, i never really counted) at least that's what i am coming to understand from the mission. In the briefing alpha and bravo wings must discover the communications...
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    Metallica, thoughts...

    I just got the new Metallica and i think it's very good, definatly a different side of the band, heavier, almost slayer like, but overall pretty good. The sound isn't as clean cut as the prior CD's but i think they did a good job, i'm happy. what do you guys think?
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    Which PC game are you most looking forward to?

    I am looking forward for Doom III, I looked forward for Return to Castle Wolfenstein for so long, and it turned out awesome, i know ID won't let me down with the newest.
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    Evading Missles

    Good advice, I'll try that tonight, but i always run into the problem that my wingmen suck ass and die right away, and i'm left with you know what hanging in the wind, and get pummled by manta
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    Evading Missles

    I was playing prophecy GBA last night and seemed to have trouble evading Manta missles, usually what I did in prophecy PC was afterburn, drop decoy and make clearing turns 90 deg right, left. That would shake them, but i seem to be getting my ass whooped. I think it might be my speed, not...
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    Hey Chris Reid

    Maybe there is a connection.........hmmmmm......
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    Nintendo UK magazine

    HA! Nice good deduction :D
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    Linkin Park

    I disagree with the fact that LP is not really a screamer band, the chorus may be screaming but it doesn't dominate the whole song, but doesn't he have a great voice? the lyrics can still be heard, even Steven Tyler screams in most of aerosmiths songs but i still think it sounds great. Oh...
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    Nintendo UK magazine

    yes, i agree, that was poor showing on their part. I'll join you on that quest for muckraking
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    Hey Chris Reid

    Hey Chris I know that your a manager at Gamestop, and I work part-time at one as well, i'm at #379 in AZ and i'm wondering why Prophecy GBA was never a reserve sku ? P.S. i wanted to go to E3 this year but I wasn't sure how to get all that paper work going on how to get in for free, whats...
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    Books? we don't need no stinking BOOKS!

    Anyone know if you can get copies of the WC books for your palm pilot?
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    The Word Game

    Mel Brooks :confused:
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    WC Privateer- Anyone know how to get full maps?

    Does anyone know how to get full maps of all of the sectors, a full map may help me plot better flight paths to get to where I want to go, i've looked on the site but i've found nothing! Help a pilot in need! :D -Chris