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    Thrustmaster makes some good joysticks... i haven't personally tried one, but i've never heard bad things about them. or if you want a throttle as well.. Microsoft doesn't make...
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    What will play on Win XP PRO from WC and Mods

    If you don't mind characters mouths moving way too fast in certain cutscenes (Nothing else other than that), VDMSound works great for Wing commander 2/1. Wing commander 3 works for some people without dos-emulation, and if you patch WC4 it works fine as well. I just like VDMsound because theres...
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    Who Would You Be? (January 25, 2006)

    I was stuck between wing commander and Bartender... while it's great to fight the fights and bring home victory/whatever... i think it'd be equally as interesting to hear everyones side of the story. A bartender would probably have more knowledge of whats going on in the war than even some...
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    Kilrathi Saga Disc One

    haha, how weird... if that was around when i was looking for a KS copy i woulda bought it instead of paying 150$ for all 5 cds... i just wanted KS for the redone versions of WC1/2 ...Even though they managed to make it somehow that WC1 works in XP... while wc2 doesn't work in XP... so i ended up...
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    This is your last chance!

    My guess... Centurion. Except for I don't think it's technically considered a confed ship... ... Now i wanna go and play privateer, dangit.
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    I agree with the music... the music brings back nostaglic moments, i definetely like the WC2/1 music a lot more than the WC3/4 music... it's probably because i played WC2 when i was like 5 years old, though, the music is engraved into my mind... ... Is it sad that sometimes i'll just play the...
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    New Standoff Scoreboards Rank Wingnuts Globally (January 8, 2006)

    ///makes mission to top epee score :P ... And i'm testing the hypothesis that a sartha will turn left everytime they break away... something to do with the way their engines are arranged...
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    New Standoff Scoreboards Rank Wingnuts Globally (January 8, 2006)

    The rapier is a great ship in the simulator, but i keep on getting my face handed to me by dumbfires it seems :(... the rapier is kind of lackluster in the confed gauntlet though, mostly because quite a few ships can outrun it, and that dang broadsword is so hard to kill. So i'm usually stuck...
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    Standoff needs YOU!

    Ah, i haven't tried it since episode 3 came out, it must have been a corrupt file, because it works now. Thanks ! Also, another issue... Sometimes, during the game, i'll get bumped out of it (by a IM message or something that i forgot to turn off) and it'll minimize. When i attempt to restore...
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    Standoff needs YOU!

    Okay, so, i've played the simulator about... 30-35 times so far, and it's crashed 5 times on me... so about 15-20% of the time. Athlon 3000+, 2 gigs of ram, geforce 6800 GT, Windows XP Pro (fully patched) - 640x 480 resolution, 32 bit, fighter/capship/asteroid viewing distances are at full...