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    It's Official: Wing Commander IV GameTap (June 28, 2007)

    Thanks for the heads-up on the incorrect rating on WC4. I passed it along to the GameTap technical staff. Its been corrected on the website and it will be corrected in the GameTap player during next week's regular update.
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    WC Versions list

    Super Wing Commander had Secret Missions included..
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    WC4DVD.. single or double?

    He never even bothered responding to me when I e-mailed him asking if it were single or double-sided.
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    WC4DVD.. single or double?

    I've been considering purchasing the WC4 DVD-ROM version online, but I don't know how to identify which one is the single-sided and which one is the double-sided version. Are there any differences in the packaging? Cases in point: Is...
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    Kilrathi Saga annoying problem

    That would explain the last few seconds looping. Thank you. However the victory track looping is NOT infrequent in my case, I'd say it happens maybe once out of every two or three flights. It gets VERY annoying VERY quickly.
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    Guide to a Working WC4DVD [YMMV!]

    I'm considering purchasing a WC4DVD from a website, but I don't know if its the single or double-sided one.. is there anyway to tell from the packaging before I order it?
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    Kilrathi Saga annoying problem

    I'm having a rather annoying problem in Kilrathi Saga. When playing WC1, on some occassions after blowing up an enemy fighter, a victory cue will play. Then repeat. Then repeat again. The same stupid 5 second cue keeps repeating, over and over again, until either I die or land at the end of...