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  1. Andres

    Something you all might enjoy

    does anybody still know if these are lying around on anybody's desktop or if anybody could send them over email?
  2. Andres

    Pegasus Base Attack

    A Traitor? a human traitor? that's surprising, a human that would help the Kilrathi. I assume said person died in the attack also?
  3. Andres

    Pegasus Base Attack

    ok thanks the TCS Vanguard, um does anybody else notice how this attack models after Pearl Harbor in the same way? except here it was allowed to happen by that Lieutenant at the beginning who neglected to do his job? Can anybody also tell me if this affected the Confederation Fleet in any other...
  4. Andres

    Pegasus Base Attack

    I was recently watching the Wing Commander film again for probably the 10th time in a couple of years and there is something that keeps on bugging me. When the camera pans over the Pegasus Base you can clearly see a ship departing the base. Now from what i heard in the film the shipwas called...