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    Unique WC Collectable on Ebay

    Hey Guys, It's been some time since I posted, but I was browsing Ebay this evening for Star Trek-related stuff and this auction caught my eye: To be honest, I...
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    Star Fox Assault

    Anyone played it yet? I just picked it up last weekend, and overall it's pretty enjoyable, albeit unoriginal. The space combat is the same formula as Star Fox 64, which is all I really wanted in a new game. The graphics are pretty sweet too. I gotta say though, the ground missions they throw...
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    A friend of mine brought to my attention this really neat piece of software. It's a catalog of celestial objects in real time 3-D. It's totally open source too, which means it's free to download. I just spent over an hour hopping from moons to planets and stars. Here's the web address...
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    WC Comic Progress?

    I was pretty keen on the idea when it was taking shape a couple of months ago. Any new developments since then?
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    CIC's Universe Map

    I was looking through the individual quandrant maps, and I was pleased to see that there is a printable version available with each one (w/white background). Does the entire map exist with the white background, or even just the sector maps? I suppose I could piece it together with a little...
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    Wing Commander CCG Inquiry

    Sadly, I was too busy with M:TG, Star Wars and Star Trek CCG when these were origianlly available, and even since then, I never had the privledge of owning any cards or playing the game. Anyways, I'm very curious about its gameplay. I've read the rules (thanks to that news bite from late...
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    Christopher Blair the Super Hero

    I don’t know if anyone else here is a City of Heroes fan, but I felt compelled to create a Wing Commander-themed character. I originally wanted a character with a flight jumpsuit and helmet (circa WC4 or WCP), but several attempts looked either bland or not of any likeness at all. I finally...
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    There's "Something about Meat"

    Pulled pork is just about the best kind of meat there is. Nothing like pulled pork and 'slaw on an onion roll...mmmmm. This is not to discredit steak, swordfish, or any other fine cut of meat in existence, as they all have unique and delicious qualities to them.
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    German Novel Questions

    Hey I stumbled on this yesterday Googling a WC image search: It reminded me of that thread several months ago about the various German cover differences, and I seem to recall some question as to whether this book contained the...
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    Super Wing Commander in OSX

    Well (gulp)...I just bought a Mac. I know, I know, I'm sorry. I swear, it's for work. :D Anyway, I know there are a few Mac users out there, and I was wondering if any of you have had any expereince running Super Wing Commander in OSX (specifically in Classic Mode). Will it work? Is it...
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    Own Your Own Time Machine!

    Hey guys, thought you might find this interesting: Time Machine Only problem is finding cheap plutonium to power the time circuits...
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    Favorite Forstchen Novel?

    Anyone read any of Forstchen's non-Wing Commander works? I just finished reading 1945, a book which he co-wrote with Newt Gengrich. Very entertaining read; it had a lot of the same elements that I felt made End Run and Fleet Action so great. I was also a fan of his Lost Regiment Series when I...
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    Universal Sports Jerk Thread

    General Baseball Talk I thought I'd start this thread, as the "Damn Those Yankees" thread has turned into something like that. So is anyone here a Tigers fan? I don't want to jinx anything, but at the time of this post, they are 4-0. And that's after the worst season in franchise history...
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    WC2/WC3 Transition

    No doubt this has been discussed before, although I wasn't able to find a thread that discussed this topic specifically. I was curious about the transition of fighters and bombers from WC2/End Run/FA to WC3. How was it that Confed was able to bring so many new craft online in as short a time...
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    WC Fonts

    I was curious if anyone out there had any Wing Commander-esque font sets. I've looked around a fair amount, but for the most part, I've come up empty. In particular, I would love a font set that looks like the traditional WC title, or the "Prophecy" font in the WCP logo, although just about...