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    WCP Video Cutscene Skipping Solution Fix

    this sucks,
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    Lame insults you tossed

    Dang Some how i think this thread was kinda helpful for me, dispite the conflects between lets just say, the 2 groups. I'll tell you why. As recently my passion for WC was rekindled by the best actors in the world (IMHO) Blair and Paladin, WC3 was the greatest game I've played, i know i...
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    Problem with WC4 and Dxr2 card

    re: mission files Again, I'm thinking if it was the MCI driver we would have gotten a correct error messege for ex: Unable to open file, or similar, but "missing files"? makes sense that it just can't find the file to even open it in the first place. I also figured out that in XP, those...
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    Problem with WC4 and Dxr2 card

    Case Sensitive? I also noticed something probibly just me, but when i browse my DVD drive from my computer, everything is in large CAPS, all the dirs and files. so when i get the messege "missing movie" it's all in small caps. I figured it "might" be case sensitive that's why it can't read...
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    Problem with WC4 and Dxr2 card

    Dual Boot? I have the same problem, so i'm thinking of dual booting... though i have XP already installed... is there away that can be done? if so, would you be able to link me a website with helpful hints on how to dual boot with xp? thanx.