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  1. Shades2585

    WC SO ICIS cover page help!

    I have recreated my WC SO ICIS book from scratch but I could use some help on the blue background and its glow effect for the front and back cover. I just can't recreate that shade of blue in Photoshop. I think it has a blue background with another semi-transparent color for the foreground. Any...
  2. Shades2585

    Gamestop interview: Chris Roberts: Why I've Come Back to Gaming

    I thought you all just might be interested. ;) WC Saga has a clip in there too.
  3. Shades2585

    MED Update?

    I have always been impressed by all the work in hacking and updating the SO Vision engine. Great stuff folks. Several years back Captain Johnny gave us some backups with the MED interface in it. There were three. One with the Prophecy Backup, the second with the SO Backup, and the third with...
  4. Shades2585

    Time to Update the SO Strategy Guide

    All right folks. I’m in the process of updating the SO Strategy Guide. I’ve fixed a few errors I’ve found, fixed various formatting errors, updated nearly all the images (so it’s a cleaner look then it was before) and I’ve fixed the release dates using the material Captain Johnny released to...
  5. Shades2585

    Any more Programmers files?

    We've had several files released that have been found or that programmers have donated that are wonderful to look at. Prophecy EPK1&2 Shadowforce wc3d wcp backup wcso backup and of course the Prophecy movies Are there any other files that have come out that I haven't noticed...
  6. Shades2585

    Can you Read 3DO CD's on a PC?

    Is there a tool/plug-in/program that is available to read a 3DO CD on are PC? I would like to see the Video quality they have.
  7. Shades2585

    SO web site?

    I know there is an Off-line viewer that was created but I was wondering if any one backed up the SO site before it went down? There are a few differences between the final and the Off-line viewer and I would love to work on recreating it if anyone has it. I’m also interested in the Prophecy...
  8. Shades2585

    Looking for a Font

    I’m looking for the font “OCR B Alternate” for a WC project if anybody has it please PM me thanks. (I'm not sure If I'm allowed to ask sorry if I"m not.)
  9. Shades2585

    Secret Ops Episodes On (somewhere else)

    (please re-read the forum rules, including rule 11 - Death)
  10. Shades2585

    Fleet Action placement Attn: LOAF

    Attn: LOAF Fleet Action placement Fleet Action placement LOAF Back at Dragon Con we were talking about the placement of Fleet Action and I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and review what we have. --What we know-- x.293 Sivar-Eshrad p.119 states that there are 64 days till...
  11. Shades2585

    3dfx Sli?

    3DFX SLI? I seem to recall back in the day that some Voodoo cards would allow you to run two cards in tandem to increase their capability. I picked up the voodoo 5500 AGP a year ago and love it with Prophecy and SO. Now with HCI coming out with a patch for Prophecy I go to wondering whether the...
  12. Shades2585

    SO Music?

    When I was browsing the music page I noticed there wasn’t anything there for SO. Which, if any, of the songs in Prophecy are in SO and has anybody ripped out any of the SO songs and what are their titles?
  13. Shades2585

    Nasa Tv

    Some of you might find this interesting. has a link to NASA TV whish is a live broadcast streamed over the web. I keep it running in the background and flip to when I hear something happening. It was cool watching the hatch opening between the station and the shuttle and...
  14. Shades2585

    SO Trouble

    I don’t understand what happened. I was playing SO and installing the episodes as I got to them. Everything was working fine. Then I decided to restart to get to go down different paths and get the other passwords. But since I had the episodes installed already it wouldn’t show me the passwords...
  15. Shades2585

    SO Guide Update

    Barrie has been nice enough :) to allow me to work on an update to the SO Guide. I’ve reworked the design entirely to more accurately match the format of the Prophecy guide. (Which is what Barrie had intended all along.) I’m also adding a few things as well. I need some help though. I...
  16. Shades2585

    Voodoo or not to Voodoo?

    I was thinking of getting a Voodoo card to go back and play Prophecy and SO. Will this do any good for Standoff or UE or should I stay with my nvidia?
  17. Shades2585

    Prophecy Error on disk two

    Prophecy is was working fine. Finished the first disk it asked me to insert disk two so I do and watch the opening video and then I get an error Iff::Iff open file 'gameflow\mouse_f.iff' not found and not optional. Any ideas? :confused: If I put in cd2 and run from scrath i get this...
  18. Shades2585

    Trying to recreate the old WC web sites.

    As I’ve mentioned in another thread I’m trying to recreate as many of the old WC web sites as I can and thus I’ve been directed to Painfully slow but not a bad site. When find a site I save the page to my hard but for some reason the pictures don’t save to I them separate with...
  19. Shades2585

    WCIV DVD double side

    I just got mine in the mail YAAA! Installed it. switch to 95 mode (I have XP) Down loaded and installed the mpeg2.dll Tried to run but I get no video. Tried alt mpeg.dll Still nothing. My wc4dvd.exe is dated 19/9/97 Does any body else have this problem?
  20. Shades2585

    Trying to save old WC web sights

    Has anybody ever save the web sites for Prophecy or Prophecy Gold before they were taken off? Or the old version of SO. (Not the one in the fiction viewer.)