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    WC Uprez Unity3d Doodle! (Heavy GIF Use, Mobile Users Beware!)

    Hey, folks. Playing with some ideas in Unity. if I can get it working well, I'll release it to the community to make your own campaigns and games. Based on a mix of WC1 and Arne's Wing Commander concept art! Enjoy!
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    Rebel Galaxy Outlaw!

    Not got much to say, or that I *can* say, but I just have to share something, cause I have no self control. Also, because I think it's cool, and at least somewhat relevant to Wing Commander-y interests. Still no announcement of name or release date - but we recently went through a couple of...
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    Klavs is an excellent pilot.

    I can now state this from personal experience. :P Klavs was generous enough to pop into Lewiston, ID on his way back home, and give me a demo-ride in his awesome Vans Aircraft. It was a blast, and I loved it. ...We did crack WC-jokes the whole time.
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    Hellcat cockpit in the WC2 style

    Hey, guys! Been working on something for a bit that I'd thought I'd share. It's an attempt at getting the WC# hellcat cockpit into the WC2 engine, specifically Academy. It's all hand-painted in Photoshop, took only a couple of evenings to do. And yes, this will be used... somewhere. Here's the...
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    Broadsword in the Concordia's Hangar

    Hey, guys. I have been inspired by the Star Citizen hangar release, and thought I'd give replicating their scene a shot. And since I have high res versions of the Broadsword and Scimitar, I thought I'd let you guys see what they look like. It's pretty crazy how well they hold up. I still need to...
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    A Very Tiny Hellcat... Seen on my fb feed, thought you guys would appreciate!
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    If anyone's looking for some Wing-Commander Style Live action Moive awesomeness....

    May I suggest the 2010 version Space Battleship Yamoto? Recently tracked it down, with subtitles to here: There's some very pretty visual effects, and a lot of very familiar wing-commander style action. Lemme know if you guys like it!
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    CF-105 Scimitar

    So here's the second Pioneer ship to get the new texturing method upgrade...the Scimitar! I still have a bit of work to do on the underside, and the missile racks are correct, nor final. Landing gear and cockpit details have yet to be worked out, as well. The modelling on this one has...
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    A-17 Broadsword

    Hey, folks! I've been working on this for about 2 weeks, on and off. Mostly, off, if I'm honest since it's been crunch time at work. This is serving as a bit of a test bed for Pioneer's rendering tech - Joel and I have made some changes in how the ships are textured and modeled, and we wanted...
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    Updated Status... 08/07/09

    So. It's been a really long time since we last had an update for you guys. There's some good news, some bad news, and some news. Good News: Joel has decided to pick this project back up. Good news that - he's basically been stalled for over a year on other projects and life in general. The...
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    FB-202 "Ghoul" Long Range Fighter/Bomber

    I honestly couldn't help myself. The concept art by Feng was just too good - for those who don't know what I'm talking about, the original image is here: Anyhow, it's not done yet, obviously - the whole back end hasn't got any details...
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    Latest Pioneer Update...

    Hello, everyone! There's a lot of exciting things going on in the WC community lately, and we felt like we should check in and give a heads up on where everything is. Joel and I are both extremely busy - we're in pretty major crunch mode on the latest Tomb Raider game. For more info on that...
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    Progress Update #3

    Hello, folks! For this update, I'll start it off and Joel will give the code update later on. On the Art side, I've got something I'm quite excited about - The new, updated version of the Ralari. Now, I don't know if you guys remember, but I've done a Ralari before. I was never very happy with...
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    I do believe we are overdue....

    For an update! So, I've been working on getting the Hunchback up to the new graphical spec - the old one was just too rough and...blech for it to pass muster amongst it's newer brethren. I've also been working on the the engine upgrades - the external modules they will attach to the engine...
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    Frank Savage Talks about XNA & WC3!

    Here's something cool I ran across while chcecking out Microsoft's new XNA stuff. He talks a bit about his involvement in WC3 and his love for the games. Strike Commander and other Origin games are mentioned. The cool stuff's at the front of the movie...
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    Misc Artwork for the Flight Demo

    Hey, guys! So, here's what's going on. We've got a pretty in-depth list of stuff we need to do for the flight demo. I have mentioned previously that I was going to move on to background art, and menu items. These have both been done ( mostly, still have the main menu background left), but...
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    Medium Civilian Station WIP

    Okay, I've started detailling the basic modules that Brad sent over for the medium station. It's pretty rough detailing right now, but it will become more refined. So - Right now, you've got your hexagon-shaped main connector - this is where the hangars, commodity exchanges and shipyards are...
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    Turret Cockpit WIP

    Ok, guys -it's been far too long since you've had an update. Work has been fairly hectic, and to be honest, I've been somewhat distracted by other things in my life. But the good news is that the turret cockpit is close to being finished - no more than a couple evenings work left. The two...
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    Hydra Cockpit WIP

    Here's where I'm at on the Hydra cockpit. It took a bit of fiddling before I got it into a layout I liked - there were numerous versions that sucked. Anyhow, you can see the basic controls, and general size reference thanks to the biped dummies. The back wall and it's doors are not yet designed...
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    Longbow Cockpit?

    Here's a rather odd request: Does anyone have a screenshot of the longbow cockpit? I've looked as many places as I can think, and I've found every other WC3 cockpit but that one. Any assistance would be appreciated!