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  1. Kaunisto

    WC1: eject while Claw explodes

    In the second last mission, I was about to fail (either me or TC die), so I decided to eject - just take Golden Sun, I wasn't playing real seriously anyway (my annual christmas run). But just as I ejected, Tiger's Claw started exploding, I'm pretty sure it was dying. However as I had ejected...
  2. Kaunisto

    Dralthi mk2/Crossbow/Morningstar

    As game design, what do you think about each of the ships added in the expansions? Having recently replayed all these parts got me thinking this aspect. Dralthi in itself was nice. It replaced the mud pig, being similar but slightly better and just different enough from all others to fly to be...
  3. Kaunisto

    WC3: what if you could win with Behemoth?

    Thinking of game design and storytelling, I've wondered would it have been better if there was a path that Behemoth succeeds. So that you'd have Ending A (Behemoth), Ending B (T-bomb) and C/lose ending. (Or rather you'd have to have beside the main losing ending two variants, failing last...
  4. Kaunisto

    WC1 bug, ship on top of TC?

    In the last Kurasawa mission I got left behind Formidable (fighting the krants) and when I then autopiloted to Claw (first going to nav 1 that I'd missed), the Exeter was sitting apparently in same coordinates (and direction) as Tiger's Claw - the two ships clipping, depending what angle you...
  5. Kaunisto

    SO2 Sabres

    It's been a while since I last played Special Operations (before just now) so my memory may play tricks, but I remember that the Mandarin Sabres have previously been like a Morningstar with Sabre graphics (3 particle cannons). Now they had the Sabre's 2 particle cannons (wider than MS 3), but...
  6. Kaunisto

    Academy Gauntlet

    Who has finished WC Academy gauntlet and on Broadsword or any other ship? You see, I've been trying 15 years and never have. 7 or 8 times I've died in 15-3, dozens more in 15-1 or 15-2 - always with Broadsword, of the other ships my best result is to 14-1 with Sabre. What I really want to know...
  7. Kaunisto

    Movies with WC actors

    I recently watched Blue Thunder, which has Malcolm McDowell and Jason Bernard, and I was wondering what other movies have two or more of WC cast? Or one of the less famous actors in interesting roles.
  8. Kaunisto

    SM2 cover question

    I was looking at covers in and this may actually be first time I've ever seen original Crusade cover anywhere. I can't find a better pic and what I cant figure out is what's that picture below Doomsday? The one with Snakeir(?) and half moon. What are those frames, is this an...
  9. Kaunisto

    Special Operations 1 bug

    In the conversation between Maverick (or whatever you called yourself) and Thrakhath in the beginning of the mission where he escapes there's a bug: the image of the prince is sometimes replaced with Stingray or Maverick (going schizo?). Also the talk ends a bit strangely on "then I'll fight...
  10. Kaunisto

    That poster

    (Not the UE one...) Is it taken from Strike Commander?
  11. Kaunisto

    Games that are like WC

    What games do you think have similar playability and feeling as any of WC games, 1/2 or 3/4 or Prophecy? I've liked two WC1 contemporaries that despite being completely differently themed seem to have something in common: Red Baron 1 WWI sim has obvious differences in flight model...