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  1. Jacob

    Wing Commander Movie Now (Permanently?) $9.99 on Vudu

    Hi all, Vudu has announced that a bunch of titles are now $9.99 for HDX (Blu-ray quality) on their site, including the Wing Commander movie. An ad on their front page (which you won't see if you're automatically logged into Vudu) stays that the pricing is "permanent", so maybe it is? Anyway, if...
  2. Jacob

    Interesting Kickstarter with WC possibilities

    I found this on Boing Boing today - it's a Kickstarter for a cardboard fighter cockpit that you can have in your living room to play video games through. Now they're just calling it a "jet fighter" plan, but I'm sure that some clever Wing Commander fans could change this up. I'd definitely pick...
  3. Jacob

    Wing Commander makes Cracked list

    Wing Commander IV made the Cracked list of "The 5 Most Sadistic 'Game Over' Scenes in Video Game History", coming in at #4.
  4. Jacob

    Wing Commander movie DVD $4.99 @ Best Buy

    Hi all, I don't know if it was just in my area (Wilkes-Barre, PA), but the local Best Buy had the Wing Commander movie on sale for $4.99. Not sure if it's this week only.
  5. Jacob

    Myst parody for Mac (that is NOT Pyst)

    Hey all, I've been buying games through Steam's Summer Sale, including their nice little Cyan pack, which got me thinking back to a Myst parody that I played back in the day - it would've been released no later than 1998. I feel like it was called "MYSTy", but the only stuff I can find on...
  6. Jacob

    Dark Star One

    If anyone is looking to pick this space combat sim up, Five and Below is carrying the Xbox 360 version for $5.
  7. Jacob

    Need help with a data storage format

    Hey all, I work at a library, and I've been working with our library's archivist from time to time. One of the things that she recently found are these storage disks from a long, long time ago. Like, 1995-1996 long ago. We know that the one on the left is a 3M TR-1 Minicartridge (mainly due to...
  8. Jacob

    WC Movie on My Network

    Just for the record, Wing Commander was shown on My Network (a TV network similar to CW) on Saturday night at 8 PM EST. I looked on the My Network website (at least the one for WPHL-17 out of Philly) and there are no plans to air the movie again within the next two weeks. I was flipping...
  9. Jacob

    Free Arena?

    As most of you already know, Microsoft is going to be offering a free game to Xbox Live subscribers because of the crappy service that occurred over Christmas break (and is still happening, apparently). No details have been given yet over what the free game will be (perhaps you get to choose...
  10. Jacob

    Personalized polo shirts

    I check out the CIC just about every day, but my interaction on the forum is that I'll make a few posts, disappear for a good amount of time, then pop up again. So I don't know if this has been discussed, but is there ever going to be another order made for the personalized polo shirts? Last...
  11. Jacob

    DosBox help

    Hey all, I just downloaded DosBox today after I felt the need to play some Star Wars: Dark Forces. A year ago I had my C drive wiped (mistake), and it used to run fine on that without any problems. Why, I don't know. So I did what I did last time: just drag the files into the C drive. No...
  12. Jacob

    Initial reaction to WC movie in '99

    I was just wondering since I wasn't here in '99, what were your initial reactions to the Wing Commander movie? Did you feel the same about it as you did now, or were you like "Holy crap that was great!" and then a few months later "Eh...there were a bunch of problems."? Just rather curious...
  13. Jacob

    Secret Ops website

    Hey guys. I was bored today and I remembered that I didn't have the Secret Ops thing on my computer, so I decided to head over to the official website for it. It appears that it's gone, although I don't know how long it's been like this. The CIC has it available in the downloads section, right?
  14. Jacob

    Stainless steel polish...

    Hey, I got my Pilgrim Cross a month ago, and it arrived to me a little dirty. I was asking my dad how to polish stainless steel, and he wasn't aware of anything. I headed over to the grocery store that I worked at (a fairly large grocery store), but all they had was polish for silver, gold, and...
  15. Jacob

    Knife fight

    Sorry of this has already been discussed, but I just finished reading the novelization of the Wing Commander movie. The knife fight left me puzzled...just why exactly did it happen? The whole idea of the Pilgrim traitor thing wasn't confusing to me, just the whole knife fight.
  16. Jacob

    Pilgrim Truth

    Sorry if there was already a thread on this, but what exactly was supposed to happen in the novel "Wing Commander: Pilgrim Truth"? All of the links for that area are dead, along with that Pilgrim cross switchblade thing that I would like to have. Anywho, did anyone ever manage to get their hands...
  17. Jacob

    Wing Commander: Academy problems

    I'm having a problem playing Wing Commander: Academy on my computer. I have Windows 2000 as my OS, and I recently installed WC: A on there. Everything was going fine and dandy (even though I had no clue what exactly it was asking for during the installation process) until I tried to start up the...
  18. Jacob

    Hi, I'm new...

    Hello all, I'm new here at this board as you can probably tell, and most places I've been it's more or less customary for one to start up a thread when you're new. However, I don't see any here, which either means that it's not, or there haven't been many new members. I'm not sure of which...