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    One question bothers me since 1994. Why did they multiply the shieldstrength by over 10 times from wc2 to wc3 ? Average shielding wc 1: 5 cm 10 years Average shielding wc 2: 8cm ( and phase shields ) 2 years Average shielding wc 3: 250 cm ( and phase shields ) I dont get it. I could...
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    Don't like single player WC Arena

    Don't get me wrong: I Love Wing Commander. I play the game since the early 90s. I collect the manuals in a folder. I have a Pentium 90 additionally to my normal pc to play the old Games in real dos. I was shocked when origin closed. But: Positive about WC Arena: EA uses the franchise...
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    What car do you drive?

    Hi What cars do you drive? I think thats quite an intersting question. "Tell me what car you drive and i tell you who you are" ;) I drive a black mazda 3 turbodiesel ( pretty common in europe ) 130 hp