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    WC 6 Plans?

    I think if there was another WC game, it would be so different from the WC we know and love, that many people would be greatly dissapointed.
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    No pets in Wing Commander?

    Yeah, Thrakhath the black cat.
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    Never played WC2

    Ah, but where does that leave Home Defense? Doesn't HD and InSys have the same role basically?
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    Who's hottest?

    Yeah, that plastered, pulled back too far, helmet-head look wasn't very pretty. :( That nice black and white picture down there makes me change my opinion of her :D
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    EA music

    yeah, just listen to his WC surf theme and you will want to worship this guy. Can't wait for the cd.
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    Prophecy GBA

    I was going to buy WCP for GBA just to have as a collectors piece, but now I'm thinking about buying a GBA for WCP. They're pretty cheap anyways.
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    Fav Traitor Group/Faction

    I seem to remember in the WC4 novel that Blair overheard some of the BL pilots making jokes about the victims of the chemical bombardment. That doesn't really seem like a helpful spirit to me...
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    Status of WC

    That was a great book! I like the part where Hunter kicks the Cat in the yahoo's and Kirha says, "That was not very honorable."
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    Favorite Game System

    ooop! I forgot to list 'Computers' as a choice. Would an admin please add it?:)
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    Quick question....

    What was Blairs status on that ship? Was he just along for the ride, since he was a part of the Midways creation? (been awhile since I played WCP)
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    Favorite Game System

    I have an xbox and a ps2. I think the xbox has better hardware (except for the giant controller) but the ps2 has better game choices. But xbox does have some cool games 'only for xbox', like my favorite, Halo.
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    The role of the Barracuda

    Don't underestimate those smaller ships. Remember 'First to Kilrah' ? That wasn't a large capship, it was a smaller thingy. And it did quite some damage. It took a beating too but...
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    Game intro poll

    But I don't feel like spending almost $200 for a copy. Maybe I can find a cheaper copy elsewhere. I'm in no hurry to get KS other than to add it to my collection.
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    My family has 3 cats. One is big, fat and has no tail, his name is Dude. One's name is Boo-Boo and hates being touched. He's a big baby. Our new kitten is named Yogi and he likes to play with everything all the time, including the other cats. If I ever get a cat of my own I'm going to name it...
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    Favorite Enemy Pilot

    I like blowing away the Privateer Pirates, their taunts really annoy me.
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    Game intro poll

    That's where I've bought all of my WC games except for Armada and Academy, I bought those in a store. And I now own them all!!:D well, except for KS of course...
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    Help me

    BW Banshee, or Confed Banshee? Confed Banshee is a bomber. And besides the Arrow, the Dralthi, and the Gladius in Privateer, why don't we see Armada ships outside of Armada?
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    Instead of ceasing to exist there would probably be a big, beautiful explosion that no one would be around to see.
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    Home Defense

    Don't get deployed into active Confed duty, or do they? Like how Blair was in the reserves until he was put back on active duty status. For part of my fanfic I want them to be activated onto some carrier. Would that be realistic?
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    I was just wondering because when you compare the numbers from the books (such as top speed), the capships numbers seem so slow compared to fighters. Maybe I'm just too obsessed. It's just a's just a game....