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  1. frostytheplebe

    Blank Screen... HELP!!!

    Hi guys, I'm running Win 8.1 (I know, I know...). I tried to get standoff to work and can't seem to. I've reinstalled the game, adjusted graphic settings, made sure my graphics cards are up to date, even set the screen to lowest detail, tried different compatibility modes, AND windowed vs. full...
  2. frostytheplebe

    Coincidence or Political Statement?

    So I've started collecting Pirate flicks and after watching about 60 of them, I have to say, forget Johnny Depp or Robert Newton. Errol Flynn practically wrote the book on playing a pirate. But after watching his movies... I have to ask... after watching a couple of Pirate movies, I have to...
  3. frostytheplebe

    One wingman to through the Kilrathi War.

    So I decided to replay Super Wing Commander the other day and began thinking about the various wingmen we fly with. I know it's been a while, but if you could chose one wingman to fly through the entire war with, and I mean every mission they would be on your side, who would it be? (Please...
  4. frostytheplebe

    Wing Commander Mentioned by AVGN

    In rant he did about 8 months ago, James, the Angry Video Game Nerd mentioned WC in his... rather vulgar review of the 3do system... not sure if anyone previously posted this.
  5. frostytheplebe

    Political Correctness or Patient Care?

    As you all know, recently, my wife gave birth to our wonderful baby boy, Gabriel. Looking back on the whole ordeal and seeing how my wife's recovery is going, I have to ask... Why in a predominantly english speaking country are patient care organizations hiring people who can't communicate...
  6. frostytheplebe

    The Wedding of FrostyTP and Nutmeg

    So I realized that with all the excitement of the baby being on the way, I never actually posted anything about our getting married. Meg and I were married on June 3, 2011 in Sturbridge, Ma. Our reception as at the Oliver Wright Tavern in Old Sturbridge Village... and because I'm a history...
  7. frostytheplebe

    Concordia's final resting place

    So i know this has been hacked nearly to death (After this, it will most likely be to death.) I would just like to reopen the discussion of the theory (or was it accepted canon?) that the Concordia split in two either on entry into the atmosphere or on impact. There is evidence both ways if...
  8. frostytheplebe

    The new Addition to our family!!!!

    Hi all, Sorry I haven't been around in a while, but I have good reason... My wife just gave birth to our first. Gabriel... he's 7.9 lbs. and 19 & 2/3 inches long. We have a few pictures, which I have uploaded, just know, our little boy has CDH (Congenital Diaph ramac Hernia), so he's currently...
  9. frostytheplebe

    An impossible sighting

    So a week ago I was on the beach, when I saw an airplane go by high overhead. It looked unusual, so I took out my binoculars to take a closer look... All i can say is that the prop was in the rear, it had 4 wings, two small in the front, two large near the prop. I've never seen anything like...
  10. frostytheplebe

    Star Trek Online anyone??

    Are any of you guys playing? There are at least 6 different Wing Commander Fleet's I've seen. Concordia Battle Group Tiger's Claw Carrier Group Chris Blair's Squadron Concordia Carrier group Towlyn's Heroes Wing Commander nuts Not to mention an unbelievable amount of USS Concordias.
  11. frostytheplebe

    Good news just keeps getting better!

    So I will now be joining the ranks of your Wingnuts that are married with kids. That's right, both! I got engaged, and a few months later we found out she's pregnant. So the wedding is this July, and the baby is due in September. We are now freaking out because tomorrow we find out if it's...
  12. frostytheplebe

    Let's Play NES!!

    So I dragged out my old NES games a while ago after finding out that there was a handheld system called the Retro Mini that could play them. (Handheld NES games without destroying my PSP? SWEET!!!) First let me say, I love this little system. The screen is painfully small... actually smaller...
  13. frostytheplebe

    Questionable Motives?

    Hey everybody!!! Long time no see. So I watched the Wing Commander movie again last night and it got me thinking... Why would Admiral Wilson warn the Concordia Battle Group about the incoming attack from the kilrathi fleet? Would it not have been better to just let the kilrathi steem roll...
  14. frostytheplebe

    What if??

    This is something that has been hacked about a lot of places and seems to be what a lot of people out there want. Whether or not it's right... What if the United States reverted back to it's pre-WW1 Mentality? By this I mean, pull out off world affiars all together. Stop fighting in Iraq and...
  15. frostytheplebe

    Night at the Movies?

    Hey everyone, I have a little tradition going on with a few friends once every few months. One of the guys I hang out with has a home theater in his basement... I'm not kidding surround sound, screen, projector, the works. Anyway, we pick a movie theme and everyone comes by to watch 5 or 6...
  16. frostytheplebe

    TCS Agamemnon???

    Don't worry, this thread is not about debating whether this ship is the Confed class dreadnought or if it's the ship on the cover of the game. This is more what I would qualify as a rather curious choice of names for a ship. For starters, ships that are named after characters or people, are...
  17. frostytheplebe

    The Death of Sitcom

    Over the years, I've watched this type of afternoon/evening TV show go down hill at an increasing pace. Now they are in a downward spiral. It seems that the entire genre has taken a back seat to mindless teenagers who swear up a storm, didn't go to college, and just berate each other and cry...
  18. frostytheplebe

    Wing Commander- Least Favorite game.

    I'm sure that at some point long ago this was discussed, at length. But we do have some newer people here and I would like to get theirs, as well as everyone elses opinion as well. Which, in your opinion was the worst of the Wing Commander Series? Some people have said they don't like Arena...
  19. frostytheplebe

    Confederation Class Design Questions

    Ok this is in regards to the ship we all know, love, and seem to not know all that much about. Much of what we see in fan renders and add-ons is mostly guess work due to the pixilated graphics of the era. There have been theories and some things proven from improved graphics during the in-game...
  20. frostytheplebe

    Vampire Gripes

    Ah yes, WCP's ultimate fighter... or so they say. 4 Tach and 2 Particle cannons which is an awesome combination of the most advanced weapon from WC2-4. That's wonderful... but it doesn't excuse the fighter's horrible handling. The first time I tried to fly this thing, I think I slammed it into...