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  1. poopnoodle

    wing commander ccg rules question

    hi there everyone, I just picked up a pair of starter decks of the wc ccg and I had a question or two about the combat system. 1.) when you attack with 2 "flights" can you attack with each fighter or just with one and use the second for support? 2.) if you make into a nav point with two...
  2. poopnoodle

    Invisible Ships

    hello all, standoff has been working like a dream until the last update, now the ships are nearly invisible in the database view and simulator (mission select screen); all you can see are some of the hull plates (the red channel of lighting in the database brightens these). in-flight the...
  3. poopnoodle

    functional nav map question

    hi there, i was wondering about something and i cant explain why i haven't asked this before but is it possible to redirect your ship during the mission, like in the mission when you can join the pirates (if you can). how do you change the next nav point (as in retreat); i've wondered this since...
  4. poopnoodle


    hey there all, I've been forced to give up the ol' car and take public transportation (for 3 hours a day), and i discovered the wonderful world of audio books while trying to find ways to occupy the time, and i was wondering if that were any recordings floating around. i have read end run...
  5. poopnoodle

    privateer 2 can't be that huge

    hi there all, i was planning on playing privateer 2 on my XP machine. and when the cd autoruns the installation it gives me the rather inaccurate statement that i have insufficient storage on my hard drive and it requires 33927270 bytes which i believe is a tad much for games (even ones these...
  6. poopnoodle

    something funny in the wc2 intro

    to keep up with wing commander video bloopers, i found a funny one in the wc 2 intro. it happens at about the 2:37 mark and if you watch thrakath's feet you will see that he has none when he turns and his cape flaps to the side, i just thought it was neat. -brad
  7. poopnoodle

    confed supercarrier

    Hi there, I am in the middle of reading Fleet Action and I came across a reference of a confederation super carrier (obviously far less powerful than the hakaga) was being built during the armistice. I was wondering if that carrier was the Gettysburg, if not, what class is it? Thanks -Brad
  8. poopnoodle

    wc 2 victory music

    hi there, I was wondering if anyone has, or knows where i can find the music that is played when you win the last level of wc 2. it is a cool song and id like to hear it again; i've checked the music section, but i dont believe it is there. if anyone can help i would be most...
  9. poopnoodle

    wing commander 4 jump drive?

    hello everyone, ive been thinking about wing commander 4 lately and i was wondering why the blacklance ships (and the false BW ships) use an explosive devise jettisoned to allow it to jump. what is this device? and why dont they use standard jump drives like everyone else...