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  1. Eleazar

    Unknown Enemy Main Package DL Problem

    When I try to download the Unknown Enemy Main Package from the site ( I get window asking me for username/password for Where do I get the login data?
  2. Eleazar

    WC IV DVD movie sequence

    Recently I watched the WCIV-DVD movie sequences (without playing the game, because I do own a 8X-DVD and I'm not willing to exchange it with the 2X-DVD + EncoderCard from Creative), but I noticed that the Speradon intro sequence was missing. I checked the whole DVD twice, but wasn't able to...
  3. Eleazar

    Still the CCG...

    Due to the help of many CIC members (who were willing to trade) I only miss 3 more cards. It would be fantastic if anyone has th3 following cards and is willing to trade (havn't to be cards): Arrow Elite - Seaking Squadron Longbow Elite - Fire Dagger Squadron Maneuver - Maniac Solution...
  4. Eleazar

    WC4 Special Ed.

    Does anyone know if WC4 was once released as a special Ed. in the US. And if that's thes case what special item was included? Respectfully, Eleazar [Edited by Eleazar on 04-10-2001 at 10:36]
  5. Eleazar

    Epic spaces battles...

    I know that might be a little off-topic, but I guess you guys are the best to ask... Do you know any good sf-movies including huge space battles like in Star Wars, Star Trek (only a few episodes + no.8) and Battlestar Galactica. We all hoped that we'd see at least some in the WC Movie...
  6. Eleazar

    XWA TC First Contact

    Hey there, I got a little problem concerning XWA TC. Maybe one of you can help me. I downloaded the XWA Beta 1.5 shipset, but I don' know what to do next..? What must be done to actually fly with and against WC ships? Respectfully, Eleazar
  7. Eleazar

    WC for Sega CD

    Does anyone know if there are differences between the PC and the Sega CD version of Wing Commander? Respectfully, Eleazar
  8. Eleazar

    WCIII Interlacing

    Does anyone know if there's a way to deactivate the interlacing in WCIII? Respectfully, Eleazar
  9. Eleazar

    WC Academy TV

    Does anyone know where I could download the DivX Version of the WCATV episodes?. I looked in the WCNEWS and the link, but didn't found any WCATV episode. Eleazar
  10. Eleazar

    KS Joy Problem

    I've encountered a little problem in KS and wondered if one of you could solve this puzzle. :) I play KS (WC I+II) out of habit only with my joystick and always when slightly touch one of my mice (connected one to USB and one to PS/2) the game switches to mouse-mode and I'm not able to get my...
  11. Eleazar

    Imperial Icon

    Does anyone know where I ould get the Kilrathi Imperial Icon (WCIII not WCIV)? The bigger the better :) Eleazar
  12. Eleazar

    Wing Commander Goodies...

    I wonder if there are more WC-goodies than I could recall right now... The ones I know are: WC I - 4 fighter blueprints WC III special ed. - metal box, t-shirt, behind the scenes WC IV special ed. - metal flightbadge WC V special ed. - space map Privateer II special ed. - flightbadge /...
  13. Eleazar

    Wing Commander IV

    Does anyone know if there's a Wing Commander IV DVD Edition out there? I heard some rumours and though this place is the best to ask around ;) Eleazar
  14. Eleazar

    Pilgrim Cross Knife

    Does anyone know if it's possible to get the WC Pilgrim Cross Knife in Germany? I've looked for it in several online stores but without success (and the US ebay doesn't ship to Germany). Eleazar
  15. Eleazar

    Armada cap ships...

    Does anyone know which cap-ship-classes you encounter in WC Armada (TCS Lexington, KIS Shiraak, both of the transporters)? Eleazar
  16. Eleazar

    Trading of the CCG cards

    Does anyone know where I can trade my CCG cards (there are few I need, but got plenty to trade..)? Eleazar
  17. Eleazar

    More than one Confederation class?

    And again... :) Does anyone know if the Confederation class in WCIV is a Mark II version of the Confederation class in WCII? Eleazar
  18. Eleazar

    Exeter or Gettysburg..?

    Again a little question that crippled me for a while... In WC I the TCS Austin is an Exeter class destroyer but in Freedom Flight it's a Gettysburg class cruiser..? Cananyone solve this puzzle? Eleazar PS: Does anyone know the class of the WCIII and WCIV confed destroyer?
  19. Eleazar


    Again a question from the newbie... Is the KIS Hvar'kann (Heart of the Tiger-novel) the same ship as the KIS Vengeance of Vukar Tag (CCG) or is there more than one 22,000m long Dreadnought? Watch your six Eleazar
  20. Eleazar

    3DO or Mac?

    Another question from the newbie... I'm about to buy Super Wing Commander and do not know which version is better... 3DO or Mac? Was anyone in the position to compare these two? Eleazar