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  1. WCX

    Kilrathi in 1986?

    I ran across this purely by accident, but I was looking through some of the concept artwork for the film Willow, and I noticed a few pictures that had a 'Kilrathi' feel to them:
  2. WCX

    A surprising Wing Commander music similarity.

    I received my copy of the Wing Commander Orchestral Recording Project the other day, and I love it. However, listening to the arrangements, I was startled to notice some musical subtlety that had gone over my head with the original game MIDI files. That is, the strange similarity of the WC3...
  3. WCX

    Our Enemies: Space Tigers

    I found a fairly recent entry on Future War Stories about the abundance and nature of hostile feline aliens in fiction. Needles to say, the Kilrathi get a lengthy mention.
  4. WCX

    Help put some Wing Commander squadrons in Robotech!

    Palladium Books and Ninja Division are making a new table-top tactical RPG, and are offering fans the chance to design a squadron and fighter markings, and I think this would make an excellent opportunity for some Terran Confederation fighter squadrons to cameo in the U.N. SPACY! Use the...
  5. WCX

    Dols and Creds: Money of the Terran Confederation

    OK, I know this has been brought up several times before: But since I’m a sucker for details, I thought I’d put in my two centicredits worth. Well, over the course of...
  6. WCX

    Dissecting the Kilrathi Language

    Hello fellow wingnuts! It’s been too long. How are you faring in these uncertain times? Long ago, (in two colleges actually) I majored in cultural anthropology and minored in linguistics. Hs this gotten me a decent career job yet? Not really. Granted linguistics is more of a hobby for me...
  7. WCX

    What makes a JumpScout?

    I’m a sucker for details. Little things. That’s why I love the Wing Commander franchise so very much. But there is one thing that has often tugged at the back of my mind: Luna Jones: JumpScout. From Claw Marks: "Vidstar Saranya Carr, exotic heroine of the popular Luna Jones, JumpScout...
  8. WCX

    Origins of the Banshee II?

    I was looking over my collection of ship pictures again and I noticed something rather interesting: Look at the UBW Banshee II fighter. Now, if you remove the side pylons from the wings, and replace the lower pylon with a gatling neutron cannon, you almost have a CF-117 Rapier...
  9. WCX

    Armed Conflict Between Nations: What is it good for?

    It’s stated in Action Stations that as of AD 2634 it had been a century (give or take a few years) since Confed was at war (with whom it is not stated, but could this be some sort of spat with the Free Republic of the Landreich? Possibly a war of independence?) In that time, Confed has grown lax...
  10. WCX

    Confederation spacecraft designations.

    Alright, I have FINNALY ended my 5 year campaign of lurking around the flight deck and have decided to make my voice heard. Please be gentle.:eek: I’ve always been a sucker for details, so it should be no surprise that when if comes to wing Commander (hereafter lovingly referred to as WC) I...