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    Hawk in Cloverfield (Possible Spoilers)

    I just got home from seeing Cloverfield, and I believe I saw Hawk from WCIV and WCP as a soldier, in the scene where the main characters are in the makeshift hospital in the department store. Has anyone else noticed?
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    Privateer Gemini Gold 1.02

    I'm having a problem with sound. In the setup program, I select Sound and Music, but I only get some sounds, and am missing the music and a lot of communication sounds. When I select Music only, I am able to hear the music.
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    Dosbox .70 Privateer problem

    Ok I changed it to 16mb from 63mb and that did the trick. Thanks for the help.
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    Dosbox .70 Privateer problem

    Hi, I recently downloaded the new dosbox .70 and use d-fend as a frontend. So the first thing I did was try to get all the old wc games working. I ran into a problem with privateer though. The music runs fine in general midi or sb16, but the sound either doesn't play or makes high pitched...
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    Editing Wing Commander III & IV

    I also noticed that if you change your ship to the dragon, when you have your last chance to defect, and flashpack the intrepid, fighters appear almost instantly, and the lexington goes down in seconds.
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    Editing Wing Commander III & IV

    I was playing with wcedit and noticed all the fighters are flyable except the arrows, but when you are in them and pull the trigger a hellcat is off in the distance firing out into nowhere.
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    32-bits Z-Buffer on ATI Radeon video cards works - here's how

    I have the same problem and I have a 9600. Maybe ATI removed 32 bit z-buffer support on newer cards?
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    Anybody else hates the Sabre?

    I don't know if I'm remembering this wrong, but on floppy version of wc2 the positions of the sabre's guns were different at some points. Like sometimes the mass drivers were almost in the same position as the particle cannons, and other times they were apart.
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    Landing on Carriers and other suggestions

    Wing Commander: Feng Shui would rock!
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    Sierra compilations being released for XP?

    The Quest games were great, didn't see anything on Quest for Glory there.
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    This is your last chance!

    Was it from Sean Murphy's artwork?
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    This is your last chance!

    Is it from that Tolwyn card on the news a few days ago?
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    ATTENTION: Episode 3 patch released!

    The arrow is amazing you can literally fly circles around everyone, and the new cockpit looks awesome too. Good Job!