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  1. OriginalPhoenix

    VDU to you, too

    Greetings, all! Coming to you with a favor to ask. I am developing a new Web site, in which I will be using the VDU silhouettes of the various ships from WCP and WCSO, like this: I have been able to capture and recreate clean...
  2. OriginalPhoenix

    A Proper Petition

    Thought this might interest any of you who are crying for petitions at every corner. Those of you who are fans of the DVD format might be aware of the recent unpleasantness when Warner Bros. announced that they were releasing the 30th anniversary edition of WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE...
  3. OriginalPhoenix

    Black Lance Carrier

    Interesting pic of the proposed BL carrier on home page of the CIC. Looks like a cross between the Axius starbase and the BL transport, both of which we see clearly in WCIV. Definitely some family resemblance. On another note, while I've never been a proponent of calling the BL fighter in...
  4. OriginalPhoenix

    Screen Shot Request

    Greetings, gang. Was wondering if anyone might have a screenshot of the Devastator fly-by immediately after one destroys the wormhole gate at the end of WCP. I don't have WCP installed at the moment, and would rather not have to install it and go through the whole game to get a single...
  5. OriginalPhoenix

    WC Cast Sighting

    For fans of Heather Stephens (Jean 'Stiletto' Talvert in Prophecy), she makes a brief (about 6 minutes) but VERY memorable appearance in the flick TOMCATS, in theaters now. I don't want to give anything away, but let's just say it's a side of Stiletto that you'd never see in a WC :)