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    WC3 and WinME... my oh my

    Oops.. My Bad. Basically.. it simply won't run. I try to run the program out of the Dos Prompt and it'll try to start, screen will go black, then it'll just shut down the program and go right back to where I was. or it'll just freeze up the comp.
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    Viper61... read this

    OK... I was bored and scanning through some of the older threads and noticed you asking about if you could still get Secret Ops for WC:P... Well.. the answer is yes... it just isn't overly easy. Ok. Go to the origin website, and under the wing commander menu go to the Secret Ops page. don't...
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    WC3 and WinME... my oh my

    Well, as you may have guessed this is a question about WC3 on a Win ME platform. anyways... system specs: Celeron 500 192 ram Radeon 32 meg sdr pci Is there any way for me to run WC3 on my comp? A buddy of mine gave it to my a while ago, and I only tried to see what I could do briefly...
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    Well, just jumped in to look through some of the posts. figured I'd pop in my 2 cents. As to premade comps.. well, preference is everything, and in my opinion, if you are going to shell out the cash for a top end Dell, may as well save up a bit more and shell out for an Alienware or a alcon...