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    How to fly raptor in standoff sim ?

    Hi again guys :-) I've read the topic here about the raptor (oh no, not another one complaining about fire arcs ??? No, don't worry :-) ) I really like the raptor back in wc1 and I sure was looking forward to fly it, but I can't seem to get it in the sim ? Can't get ferret either for...
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    'wrong' comtalk :-)

    Hi Guys, After having struggled with UE for multiple days, I now completed standoff 1&2. Really great job. I truly enjoyed this renewed wing commander game experience, and I think you succeeded in equaling the former game's glory. Therefore I'd like to point a small glitch in the comtalk...
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    UE difficulty

    Hi Guys, Downloaded Unknow enemy a few days ago and started playing, and wow, nice piece of work I must say. Some questions though: some of the ingame video (the interlace stuff, eg when jumping to another system (at least I think that's what it is)), plays like in fast forward, skipping...
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    Some math questions

    I'm a bit puzzled about the math in privateer gemini gold (maybe in the others too, I'm kinda new to the privateer universe, only played wing commander so far) The damage values : When I buy FF or imrec missiles it says a missile does 20 Mj damage. Neutron guns also do 20 Mj damage. Then...
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    CRC error in movies.tre on WC4 cd

    Hi, Recently I wanted to play my old wc4 game again, but it has a crc error on the first cd. The file movies.tre is not readable anymore :( Is there some way I could obtain that file somewhere ? It is rather large in size (473Mb), but I'd really appreciate if someone could provide it to...