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    Do NOT get Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

    All of them made it through Hell Week? Damn, kudos to them. Good luck with the rest of their training, and the probation.
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    freelancer demo is out

    I played the demo for a while and I love it to death. But, does anyone else have a problem where there's no dialog? Whenever someone's lips are moving or there's a cutscene I get no sound. Then some other people talk and I hear them fine. Did Microsoft take out some sound to cut file space...
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    I'm doing a 7 year medical program at The College of New Jersey (I'm serious) and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersery. So many girls on my floor.......:cool:
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    Concordia's sister

    65, huh? Hmmm, same hull number as the Enterprise (the carrier, I mean). Wonder if the people meant something by that.
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    Blair's change of heart . . .

    Hmmm....Sounds like Starfleet, in a way. The ships can still kick ass, but they can also take a good look at what's going on behind the scenes, too.
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    Cadet Blair & Admiral Burgstrom Part II

    Hey Chip, are you an english teacher? You fit the type; overanalyitcal, drawing conclusions from crap, etc, etc...
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    WC:Movie, Medics

    Even in the future, some things never change :D . Then again, the local hospital's pretty lousy :rolleyes:
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    Favorite Carrier

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    Weight matters in space?

    Uhhh, you're talkin about volume. Mass is, well, how much stuff there is. And to be exact, weight = mass x force of gravity. Hope you guys don't mind, i'm studying for my physics regents :rolleyes: New York rules, but why the hell do we need these dumb*** 3 hour tests!
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    WC TV show?

    I just hope it's on regular broadcast. Cable's so damn expensive
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    Weight matters in space?

    Momentum and inertia. Pliers probably meant mass, which is a component of weight.
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    2 Sided WC4 DVD and Windows ME

    Yea, you need a program that either uses mcicinem.drv or another similar drv file. They include WinDVD2000, and ATI's dvd player. There's a thread on this in here somewhere, you've just got to set the display far back enough in the archive. If you do want to get WinDVD2000, you can pick...
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    Anybody ever autoslide through the hanger the wrong way, fire a few bursts of guns, then hit the autopilot and see the ship fly into your shots? I just get a kick out of it everytime i try it.
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    WCII carriers

    Who's Roddy McDowell?
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    WCII carriers

    Is it just me, or do the Condordia and Escort carriers look like the USS Cygnus from "The Black Hole?" Wonder if any other WC ships are like this...
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    Abalative Armour

    The USA uses ablative (actually reactive, but it's close enough) armor in our Abrams tanks and those things are almost impossible to kill. And by destroying themselves they'll dissapate whatever energy a warhead has before it hits vital parts of anything. Dumb my ass.
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    Abalative Armour

    And lots of rubbing alcohol.
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    Abalative Armour

    Time to clean the keyboard....
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    WCIV DVD edition grievous problem

    Sorry. I've been busy. College interviews are a bitch.