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    Wing Commander Source Code

    Wait, you mean the source code for Wing Commander I is lost?
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    What would make it a great year for Wing Commander?

    The current poll on the CIC front page currently asks what kind of year you think it will be for Wing Commander. A fair amount of people think it will be a great year. What would constitute a great year for Wing Commander to you? For me, nothing short of a new, official, good, moderately...
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    WC2 KSaga speed problems

    I have had the Kilrathi Saga for a long time now, and the WC2 cutscenes have always worked fine. All of the sudden now, though, the cutscenes go by ulta-fast. The ones with speech are still OK, but the normal ones without speech zoom by. It's not just the words, the mouths move at crazy...
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    D3D Lense Flare Thing

    Where can I get this? The link from this site seems to be broken. Also, does it give you all the effects that a 3dfx card will? I remember one other thing besides lense flare that you got with 3dfx, but I can't remember what that is.