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    SciFi and Reality

    Laser has just become a generic term for science-fiction energy weapon. They're rarely actually lasers.
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    What did you think of Neon Genesis Evangelion?

    I remember liking it years ago but trying to watch it recently I couldn't remember what I actually liked about it. I got into various other mech and sci-fi related anime and left NGE behind though I really enjoy The Big-O which has a lot of NGE esque elements and an equally confusing-as-hell...
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    Concordia vs Hakaga

    Unless Blair is flying off of the Concordia I think a Hakaga's fighter compliment would make short work of it.
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    The most hysterically sane "furry" ever

    You can't really paint all furry's with the same brush. They're a subculture just like any other subculture and just like any other subculture, some people will take it too far. Generally though, it's a good thing and you can't just give random generalizations about something you don't really...
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    Favorite Wingman?

    Icing Jazz was probably one of my more pleasent memories but I played WC2 first that's probably why. As for "Why Maniac?" Because he's friggin' hilarious that's why.
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    I said I thought it was decent but I wouldn't call it brilliant though I respect that opinion because a lot of work very cleary went into making it. The attention to detail is astounding and the animation isn't just pretty it's also fluid and lifelike. It doesn't have anything in its story or...
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    Why Computer games don't make good movies

    Maybe he'll return from his apparent grave in the next game calling himself "The Pilot Formerly Known as Blair."
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    Wing Commander Successor

    I remember that thing with the pirates, that was pretty ridiculous. One thing that really upset me was when the interesting ship designs went to waste at the end of the game because you were now fighting off those liquid looking and entirely uninspired alien ships. I think that kind of ruined...
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    Agreed, it was all flash and flair with very little substance, if any at all. It was very pretty to watch and definately better than that crazy "Spirits Within" thing since this actually has something to do with one of the games, but it's nothing special. It's fun to watch I suppose because of...
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    Why Computer games don't make good movies

    Add another alteration if you count Academy. So then in the timeline he went from an animated character, to Freddie Prinze Jr, to a much different animated character and finally to Mark Hamill.
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    Wing Commander Successor

    I always felt Starlancer was intended to be the successor since it was made by Erin and Chris Roberts and all with Digital Anvil... but it doesn't deserve the title. In any case it's the only space sim I've ever played that came close to feeling like Wing Commander. Even the more limitted...
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    The TCS Concordia will always be my favorite since it was the first I ever flew off of. It was cemented further as my favorite thanks to "End Run" and "Fleet Action". I still remember how excited I was when the Concordia came in guns-a-blazing to rescue the battle-weary Tarawa at the end of...
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    Fleet Battles...

    Brings back memories of the Concordia blowing ships to smithereens in WC2. That always made me smile. Also there's that ridiculously easy mission in WC3 where you escort the Victory's destroyer escort to hunt down some big cats. If you want an insane capship mission you could always go for...
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    WC HL2 Deathmatch.... or CS map Or whatever... at least it might be someday

    I'm still hoping somewhere in the back of my mind for a Wing Commander FPS. Hey, it worked for Star Trek with "Elite Force." Now that I said that it'll probably happen, I think EA spies on me. I said "They should make another Bond game but an old school one with Sean Connery's likeness...
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    Amiga 32CD Box Art

    That was my suspicion, thanks for the information. Now that would be a nice painting for the living room.
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    Coral Sea Class Carrier Concept Model

    Both versions are good but I think the double launch tube one has more character. And it's a bit more unique in my opinion.
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    Amiga 32CD Box Art

    So boredom caused me to google image search Wing Commander and to my surprise one of the first results is an image I'm sure you've all probably seen but I think it's interesting enough to look at again anyway. The back of the CD Case for the Amiga 32CD version of Wing Commander 1...
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    Favorite Space Fighters

    Vic Viper deserves much respect I agree.
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    What I miss

    We could rag on EA and the modern state of video games all day but is this really the right topic for that? I remember being young when the video game industry was still growing up more often new games with new gimmicks or new technology would always be around the corner to shock me. There...
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    Wing Commander Games and Windows XP - A Summary

    Well DOSBox actually is a DOS emulator of sorts, but don't worry about that because KDMSound is the application that you need for WC3 though and it's a bit easier than DOSBox and it's also a Windows interface so you don't have to mess around with a DOS prompt. Like DOSBox, KDMSound basically...